The flip of a coin

Falling from the games of
Disordered minds.
In to the grips of daemons,
The torn body you will find.
Wrists and ankles bound
In twirling velvet vines.
Smooth, delicate and rounded,
Skin of rose petals beneath daemon claws.
The lashing whip of demonic tongues.
The sting of hot fire breath,
On the back of the neck.
The echoes that bleed the ears:
"You will not enjoy this."
The loss in the darkness of eyes
Not theirs.
That spiteful demonic glare.
The blanket of white,
Covering the brain;
On entry, the penetration of
Forbidden vaults. The source
Of the cover, the blistering pain.
The sides died on entry,
The flip of a coin.
No heads, no tails.
Landed on its side.
Bend to your master, now
It unwinds beyond choice,
Nothing to decide.
You're going along for the ride.
You slipped from your games,
Your teasing, unleashed the untamed.
The daemon broke its chains,
Left the body, laying lame.
No word escapes, the gag to say;
"Where's my knight?
What have you done?
Are you planning to stay?"
Just muffled groans of pain.
Laying in fears of uncertainty,
When will this end?
The moments that trickled forever,
In the daemons grasp.
(Please let it end.)
The touch of the neck, snap,
The end, it's over, she's dead.
Rewind, take it back.
The touch of the neck,
"This feels wrong."
Still deep within, the prey,
The query of the daemon.
The touch of the neck, flip,
The coin, heads up.
The outer, the one that touches the world.
The murmur of the body "it's ok."
"Then why do I feel like I just shot you through the heart?"
Secret light on hidden parts,
There's a missing piece
From that heart.
Broken, deranged, destruction bound.
These hearts bleed,
The same. Tears pour;
Mirroring pains.
Give into urges, two
Bodies laying lame.
Forgiveness, for control lost.
Healing, growing, becoming again.
These hearts, beat
The same.

Rose petals stained with memories ~erAced~