Hermit's home

I go to a place, unknown.
Here alone, is my home.
They scurry and move and
Don't stay still; They're NEVER still.
Shifting, flowing, only half existing.
The things that fall and travel in between.
They come here, they come near.
But I'm still here. Still alone. My home.
Safe as a fucking hurricane. Plain. Doll face.
Angel curls. Demon shadows. All the same.
I see, reaching out and touching me.
The sound, that doesn't even stir me.
What is this? Half cracked and broken.
The borderline of dripping colours. Unspoken.
The unravel and unbind of the planetary kind.
Laughing echoes in the shadows of a dream death.
Faint and holding strong. (It's all wrong.)
I will never rest. Holding to ransom a part
of me. Deep down in the shadowlands.
Choked and toyed without a sound. Nowhere
To be found. Got me court. Got me bound.
Ravaged. Raped. Held still in a dream state.
Smashed in the head, lead to insanity's bed.
I wouldn't wish this. Friend I ask you, stay away.
Please. Let me go away to my untouched space.
Sanctuary as it's known. Secure and free.
Hermit at home. Let me be alone, for this hell
Is unknown. True depths unshown.
Scattered and scarred. Once again...
Scared of the dark.

The disire to escape everything *erAced*