Italy Japan

Never give a spoiled seventeen-year-old any sort of power whatsoever. Especially if they know what they are. Noiz learned this the hard way. It was exactly her fault though. Let's back up a bit.

It all started with a package. Diamond walked back to her apartment after a day of shopping. She needed it from all the work that she had to do today. There was no one to stop her in Japan. The girl just had to hope that they would check her credit cards.

Diamond about made it to her apartment when she about stepped on something hard and wrapped in paper. She was on the phone at the time.

"Huh? What the hell?" she asked. Diamond looked down to see a little box wrapped in brown paper.

"Something wrong?" a girl asked on the other line.

"No…" Diamond said. She knelt down to pick up the box. The girl turned the box over in her hand. There was no address or label on it. Diamond frowned as she looked at the box front and back.

"Listen, I'm going to call you right back," she said. Diamond hung up and took the box inside with her.

Minutes later, she sat at the table trying to figure out what to do next. What the hell was this? Did someone drop it outside or something? Diamond frowned as she looked for the seam. She spotted a hole at the bottom. The girl opened the hole. The paper came away with ease. Now, she was holding a red plastic box. Diamond looked even more confused.

"What the hell?" she asked. The Italian girl happened to look down and see a small note on the table. Diamond picked it up and opened it. Only two words were written.

"Have fun."

Diamond wrinkled her nose. What the hell was this? The girl took a quick glance around her kitchen. There were no cameras in sight. So far at least. She looked down at the box in her hand. There was a lid on top. Diamond narrowed her eyes. Curiosity got the better of her as she opened the lid. It wouldn't come off at first. Diamond gritted her teeth.

"Come on," she said to herself. "Open. Open." The box opened with a pop. Diamond looked inside.

"Huh?" she asked with a frown. There was nothing inside. Nothing but a small black box. Diamond reached inside and pressed it.


Everything went fuzzy and white.

Moments later, Diamond opened her eyes. Right away, she felt that something was wrong. This wasn't her apartment. In fact, she wasn't in an apartment at all. This was…

"What the hell am I doing in Noiz's office?" Diamond asked. She quickly covered her mouth. Why did that sound like Noiz's voice? Wait… The girl turned and looked into a mirror on the wall. She looked really confused now.

"Noiz?" she asked. Diamond tried to think back to what happened. She had opened a mysterious box and pressed a button. Now, she was here. Diamond tried to piece it all together. She pinched herself in the cheek. The girl turned back to the mirror. Okay, this wasn't a dream. Diamond really was in Noiz's body.

"But… how?" she asked as she wrinkled her nose. There was a knock on the door. Diamond turned Noiz's head.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Hey, Noiz," Mandy said as she poked her head in the doorway. "What do you want me to do with these?" She held up a stack of papers in her arms. Diamond narrowed her eyes.

"I don't know," she said. Mandy frowned and glared at her.

"Seriously?" she asked. "You had me go downstairs to make copies of these papers and now you don't know what to do with them?!"

"I did?" Diamond asked.

"Yes!" Mandy said.

"Oh…" the other girl said. The intern rolled her eyes.

"Are you feeling okay?" she asked. "What is wrong with you?" Diamond opened her mouth to speak.


Diamond found herself back in her kitchen with the button in her hand. She looked just as confused.

"What just happened?" she asked aloud. She looked at the box in her hand. That did all of that? But how? Diamond cocked her head to the side. This button could make her switch bodies with anyone that she wanted? But why Noiz? She wasn't thinking about her at all when she came home. She hadn't seen her since she came home from work.

However, another thought crossed her mind. Diamond started smirking to herself. It didn't take her long to start planning.

"This is going interesting," she said. The girl burst into laughter. She held her new toy in her hand the whole time.

To Be Continued…