Sonic sat resting in his chair. Besides him was a radio blasting music as Angelique is with him. He was enjoying his time when he heard someone calling his name in excitement.

"Sonic! Sonic! I finally finished it! See? Isn't it great? It's a jet-propelled body board! Come on, do you wanna try it out?" Tails cried out of excitement, holding out his new body board.

"That's amazing! Tails-san!" Ange said amazed with an smile causing the fox to blush and scratched his head.

"Not right now, thanks. But Ange will like to." He said.

"Yes, Sonic-san." She said with her wearing a swimsuit which is an frilled, two-piece bikini with multi-colored polka dots, a small bow on the center of the top and a large bow hanging on the skirt.

"Let's go! Ange." Tails said excitedly as he grabbed her hand and giggled in excitement as they ran to the water. Sonic chuckled as he watched the two of them. "Tails and Ange are just like little kids with their new toy." He said. He sat back and relaxed, turning his radio on.

"Here. Ange." Tails said offering the white hedgehog his hand as he got on the board. "Thanks, Tails-san!" Ange said smiling. As she got on with her holding onto him, the two of them gave yells of excitement as it sped forward, creating a huge wave which splashed on Sonic, who frowned, Poor guy...

The machine is going haywire, and this freaked out Tails and Ange out for a minute. The two clung to the board and each other as tight as they could, screaming in the wind and waves. Finally, Tails managed to get a hold of the board, and pulled Ange to her feet. The two clung to each other, and laughed as they surfed through the waves. They sped right past Sonic again, and once again they managed to splash water on Sonic.

Sonic sat there for a moment, then took off his glasses and blinked away the salty water. He looked ahead to see Ange and Tails having a blast on the body board together.

"Sonic-san, It's very interesting!" Ange called out to him.

"Yeah!" Tails said as he did a flip. "It's okay if you can't swim! You should give it a try!"

"Just don't show off so much that you forget to look where you're going!" Sonic warned his two friends from the beach. He was about to sit back and relax, when a splash and startled yelling from both Tails and Ange jolted him up a little, and he scanned the water. He finally found them, however their forms were covered by a giant wave.

"It was probably nothing." Sonic said, trying to calm himself. The blue hedgehog got back in his relaxing position and put his sunglasses back on his face.


"Sonic, Help us!"


Hearing the distress cries of his friends, Sonic's ears twitched as his friends continued their frightened cries. Completely annoyed, Sonic finally lost it. "SHUT UP, TAILS AND..." He stopped short when he saw what was troubling his friends.

Ange was clinging to Tails and squeezing her eyes shut, and she and Tails screamed as a plane from behind them crashed right into them.

Tails managed to get away safely, holding Ange in his arms and using his two tails to keep them both in the air.

"Sonic..." Ange heard Tails say, and the hedgehog looked down towards the blue hedgehog. "Are you all right?"

Sonic whipped his nose. "I'm fine, just fine. So, who's that?"

Ange looked up and saw that the plane that had nearly hitted her and Tails was in the air again, but only this time she noticed that the engine was on fire. She widened when she saw Old Man Owl waving down at them. Why, he was so focused on the people below that he didn't notice that his engine was on fire!

"Hey, Sonic!" The owl waved. "I have some news for you!"

"Ugh, not that old man again..." Sonic groaned, scratching his head. "Count me out!"

"Sonic-san, Let's help him!" Ange convinced him while clasping her hands.

"Sonic, we've gotta do something to help him!

"You're the one who can fly!" Sonic shot at Tails, ignoring Ange. "You and Ange do something!" And with that, the hedgehog turned to his things and started to pack.

"YOU'RE NO HELP!" Tails roared furiously at Sonic, and he jumped in shock at his harsh tone. As Tails grabbed Ange in his arms as she is surprised about his harsh tone and the two flew off together.

"Ange and I will rescue the old man all by ourselves!" Tails said, since he is furious about Sonic's none sympathy, as they flew towards the plane.

"Sir?!" Ange yelled over the wind. She began coughing due to the smoke of the engine. When they finally got the Old Man Owl's attention, he turned and smiled at them.

"Tails? and Ange-chan?" Old Man Owl grinned at them. "I have some urgent message for Master Sonic and that's why I'm here today!"

"You have more important things to worry about! YOU'RE ROCKET'S ON FIRE!" Tails yelled, pointing to the rocket. Old Man Owl finally turned around, and panicked. "No wonder it's getting warm!" He gasped, eyes wide.

After putting Ange on the airplane, Tails lunged for the top wing. "Just keep it going steady!" He ordered. "I'll fix it for you!"He was about to, when an explosion shot Tails away from the plane.

"Tails-san!" Ange screamed over the wind.

When Tails steadied himself, he determinedly glanced back at the plane. "I'm not going to give up that easily!" The fox yelled, and he flew back.

Sonic finally got back to his relaxing position on the beach, when he suddenly felt the ground rumbling. He yelped as Old Man Owl's plane zoomed right over his head, and zoomed right over the water. Tails and Ange yelped as the plane straightened itself.

"Really impressive, Tails!" Old Man Owl said, grinning at the fox.

"You did it! Tails-san!" Ange cheered with her hugging him as the fox blushed, as the two reached over Old Man Owl.

"Thanks!" Tails grinned. "I had some practice before on my body board!"

And at that, Old Man Owl gave an hoot of laughter. "Lucky for me!"

"Tails-san!" Ange's panicked cry suddenly pulled his attention. He turned to her. She was pointing ahead of them, her eyes wide with fear. "We're heading to the wall!"

Tails looked in the direction where Ange was pointing and nearly flipped out. "SIR?!" Tails yelled.

"Eh?" Old Man Owl asked.

"SIR, LOOK OUT!" Tails yelled, pointing to the wall.

"What are you talking about?" Old Man Owl asked. He adjusted his glasses, and his eyes widened as the wall of the cliff Tails, Sonic, and Ange lived near came closer.

Ange and Tails screamed in fright.

"SONIC!/SONIC-SAN!" Ange and Tails screamed.

Sonic had just started packing away his things when he heard his young friend's distressful cries. Thinking quick, Sonic sped to the top of the cliff, and took a leap. He sped even faster when he saw the plane Ange and Tails were on get closer to the wall. He quickly grabbed Ange in one arm, and Tails grabbed Ange's hand. Sonic grabbed Old Man Owl in his other hand.

"Oh, Sonic!" Tails said. "Thank you!"

Ange said nothing, but clung to Sonic and squeezed her eyes shut also smiled.

Sonic shot them both a wink.