BGM: Fairy Activities (Precure All Stars DX3)

Knuckles slid across the ice with Sarah in his arms, screaming over her laughter. "You saved me!" She squealed. She laughed again when Knuckles fell on his back.

As for Ange and Tails, the two rolled down a snowy hill, screaming. "SOMEBODY STOP US!" Tails screamed as Ange held on to Tails rolled into a snowball and rolled towards Sarah and Knuckles also Amy, who finally stopped. Sarah laughed gleefully. "I had more power than I thought I did!"

Robotnik swooped in and grabbed her wrist. "There you are, Sarah. It's time to come with me now even you Ange and Amy-" He was interrupted when Tails and Ange's snowball rolled into Knuckles and Sarah also Amy, and the five rolled into a cliff.

After being into an ride where Knuckles is laying down groaning also Ange is alive with Tails laying on Amy's back with Amy ontop of her.

"TAILS! AMY! GET OFF!" Knuckles growled with jealousy at them as they got off.

"We're so sorry!" Amy and Tails apologized to her with blushes on their faces.

"I've never thought you stoop up that slow." Knuckles said.

BGM: Battle of the Evil Ocean (Precure All Stars DX3)

The group let out a yelp as a clanging sound was near them. Knuckles was the first to recover and saw the battle. "Look! Metal's still going!"

"Sonic too!" Tails yelped.

"Sonic-san..." Ange whimpered while clasping her hands.

"METAL!" Sarah screamed, snapping Ange out of it. "STOP ITT!"

Metal seamed to stop at Sarah's screaming plea, and Sonic saw this as an opportunity to kick him face-first to the ground. A second later, due to the crash, the ice broke. Ange let out a startled scream along with everyone else as the ice broke. Knuckles thought quickly and pulled Ange close to him, protecting her from falling ice particles and keeping her from falling.

"If that ice bridge gets destroyed, then we're doomed!" Tails cried, his eyes wide. He turned to Knuckles. "Knuckles, stop the lava!"

Knuckles frowned, glancing down at Ange. "Uh, I don't know..."

"Would you try it for me, brave man?" Amy said as she kissed him.

Knuckles' face turned scarlet and he instantly shot her a salute. "Yes ma'am!"

He dashed off, leaving Sarah laughing. Ange watched worriedly as Knuckles smashed into the rocks. Sarah and Tails and Amy started cheering, and Ange cheered along with them. He gave them a wink as he flew, however, he looked up at his hat and started panicking. "MY HAT'S ON FIRE! HELP!"

...When Sonic limped up ahead of them, falling to the ground.

"Sonic-san...!" Ange said as she began to clasp her hands as Metal kicked Sonic, and he skidded up to them. Metal Sonic lifted Sonic by his neck.

"What are you doing to my Sonic!" Amy exclaimed as she ran to Metal as she pry the robot off with her Piko Piko Hammer.

While that was happening, Tails gasped. "I think I've got it!" He pressed a few buttons. "This plan had better work..."

Sarah left Tails' side and started assisting Amy to free Sonic. "I'm not going to let you destroy the Land of the Sky..." She let out a grunt as she pulled on him. "'Cause then I'll have to marry Robotnik and Ange and Amy marrying each other as our sister in laws!"

"COME ON!" Tails yelped. He grinned excitedly. "That's it!"

Metal Sonic loosened his grip on Sonic's throat, and the hedgehog fell to the ground.


At Tails' order, Sonic spin dashed Metal into the distance, and he collapsed to the ground. Ange's eyes widened and she ran to him, helping him up. "Sonic-san!" She cried.

"Good work, Tails." Sonic stirred in Ange's hold and gave Tails a thumbs up. "You saved us!" He turned to Ange. "I'm glad to know that you're safe, too."

"Sonic-san..." She said as she hugged him while smiling with tears. "I'm glad you're okay."

Everything seemed perfect until a ship crashed into the ice bridge. Sonic lifted his head towards it.

"What was that?!" Sonic asked.

"It doesn't look like Robotnik's ship!" Tails added.

"That's Daddy's rocket!" Sarah screamed out of realization as she pointed to it.

The group watched as the President banged on the door, his eyes wide. Ange gasped. "Sonic-san, the door's stuck!"

Tails' eyes widened. "That's bad!" He gasped. "The heat from the lava could make it explode!"

Sonic gritted his teeth and turned to Sarah and Amy. "Sarah, Amy, you stay here." He turned to Tails and Ange. "Come on, let's go!"

BGM: A narrow escape (Dokidoki! Precure)

Tails lifted Sonic and Ange who is in his arms in the air and they made it to the President's ship, which is the situation wasn't looking very good. Amy gulped as the lava's heat made the rocket engines to burst into flames.

"Daddy?" Sarah whimpered.

"The President's timing couldn't be worse," Sonic grumbled.

"Yes." Ange nodded.

"If that thing explodes, then we'll all be in trouble!" Tails said, his eyes wide.

The three let out a yell as something rammed into them, and Sonic fell into the snow. "It's Metal!" Tails yelped.

Sonic scowled at Metal. "Step aside and let us through, Metal. We've got to get to that ship! Tails! Ange!"

Tails turned to him. "Sonic! You get the President out of that ship and I'll take care of Robotnik! Ange use your purifying powers-"

The three let out a startled yell as a laser shot the watch, wrecking it. Robotnik snickered. "Trying to overload Metal's system by assimilating Sonic's personality? Impressive! Luckily, you're too late to be a problem." He pointed at Metal. "Metal, destroy Sonic!"

Metal, looking completely beaten, rose into the air. He zoomed up to Sonic and smashed him into Robotnik's mobile. Sonic quickly teleported away and Metal smashed into Robotnik. The hedgehog zoomed over the mountains and almost crushed Knuckles, who dove back into his hole just in time. This continued for a while until Knuckles popped out with a bump on his head, looking pretty annoyed.

Sonic smashed Metal into the ground and then tossed him at the President's ship.

"Knuckles-san!" Ange said as she along with Tails and Knuckles are on the President's ship.

"Hurry! hurry up!" Tails cried as Knuckles tried busting the President out of his ship. The three yelped as Metal smashed into the glass.

The ship exploded.

"DADDY!" Sarah shrieked. Amy's eyes widened as she watched Sonic run towards the ship, yelling, "MR. PRESIDENT! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!"

Sonic collapsed to his knees, and Knuckles and Tails and Ange ran up to him.

"Sonic!/Sonic-san!" Tails and Ange yelled.

"Are you alright?!" Knuckles asked.

Metal Sonic slowly flew up, holding Old Man Owl and the President in his hands. Sonic looked up. "Metal!" The gang grunted as Metal dropped Old Man Owl and the President.

With the deed done, Metal fell towards the lava pit. Sonic's eyes widened. "NO!"

He dashed towards Metal.

BGM: Time of Goodbyes (Precure DX3)

"DON'T DO IT, SONIC!" Tails yelled. His eyes widened when Sonic disappeared over the ledge. "SONIC!"

"Sonic-san!" Ange called out to him as she ran toward the pit.

Sonic grunted as he hung on to a part of the cave, and looked down towards Metal. Metal raised his hand up towards him and started climbing.

"GRAB HOLD OF MY HAND!" Sonic yelled.

"WAIT!" Knuckles yelled, latching onto Sonic. "Don't do it, Sonic! He'll drag you under with him! What about Ange?!"

Sonic's eyes widened when Metal slapped Sonic's hand away, and Sonic heard Metal drone. "There is only one Sonic. Take care of her."

Sonic's eyes widened as Metal began melting. Knuckles held Sonic down. "DON'T DO IT, SONIC!"

Sonic watched as Metal melted in the lava, and soon, he was gone.

"METAL!" Sonic screamed.


After all that is done, The planet is saved but Sonic is upset about Metal's death. Noticing the stiffness in the air, Sarah walked up and smiled. "C'mon, don't look so sad, Sonic. It's not like you at all."

"That's right, Sonic-san." Ange agreed.

Tails nodded. "They're right! You should be happy! Thanks to you, the planet was saved!"

Robotnik laughed, and Sonic with the boys instantly got in front of Ange protectively. No way was Sonic and the boys gonna let Robotnik hurt Ange in any way again.

Robotnik smirked at them. "You're all fools! I still have all of Sonic's data here! Next time I'll build an even stronger Metal, that won't be handicapped by Sonic's personality!"

While Robotnik yapped about his plan, everyone was focused about the little robot turtle that was moving up to Eggman.

"It must be very humbling to be in the prescreens of such a great scientific mind!" Robotnik finished. He accidentally let go of the CD, and the turtle from earlier grabbed it in his mouth.

"What are you doing-" Robotnik began, but his eyes widened when the machine exploded right there.

Everyone burst out laughing.

"It's finally over." The President sighed. "Thank goodness everything's alright."

BGM: Exciting Sunday (Precure DX3)

"Almost." Knuckles hissed. He walked up to Sonic and bonked him on the head.

"What did you do that for?!" Sonic hissed.

Knuckles snickered. "So now we're finally even, Sonic." He stuck his tongue at the blue hedgehog and dashed off.

"What do you mean?!" Sonic snapped. "Come back!"

"Sonic/Sonic-san!" Tails and Ange cried. "Wait for us! WAIT!" Tails picked Ange up under his arms and they flew after them.

"Why did you hit me?!" Sonic yelled angrily.

"I was getting you back for stepping on my head, Sonic!" Knuckles responded.

"I don't remember doing that!"

"Well, you did!"

"Did not!"

"Not so fast!" Robotnik hissed. "You won't get away! I'll get you..." He let out a yell as Old Man Owl, the President, and Sarah and Amy landed on him.


"Stop talking and drive, Robotnik!" Sarah hissed at him. "Hurry up and catch Sonic!"

"Yeah! Even Ange!" Amy hissed at him as well.

"Of course I will, Sarah!" Robotnik grinned. He started the engine and flew after them.

Hearing shrilling, Ange looked up to see Sarah and everyone else reaching out for Sonic and her. Sonic yelped. "We're getting out of here, Knuckles!"

Sonic grabbed Ange in his arms and took off.

"HEY, WAIT A MINUTE! SONIC!" Knuckles yelled.

The story has ended as new adventures will come up sooner... also love and everything.