Chapter Four: Start Over:

"Girls! What did you do?!"

Cupid and Chaos looked up. A man with a long white beard ran into the room.

"Uh oh," Chaos said. She tried to run but Cupid grabbed her by the wrist. Chaos tried to pull away.

"Let go," she hissed. The old man marched over to the girls.

"Do you see what you have done?!" he shouted. The deities didn't answer at first. The man looked down at the earth.

"Why?! Why would you do this?" he asked. Cupid shrugged.

"I was bored," she said.

"You were bored?! You were bored?!" the man yelled. Cupid sheepishly laughed. The man facepalmed and groaned. He turned his attention to Chaos.

"This was your doing, wasn't it?!" he asked. Chaos smiled and shrugged. He frowned and shook his head. He let out a loud yell.

"Why do you do this?!" he shouted. The girls gave him cheesy grins in response. The old man rolled his eyes.

"I am going to fix this," he said. He pointed at the girls.

"Don't you dare try to pull anything!" he shouted. "I'm watching you." Cupid put up her hands.

"Fine, fine," she said. Chaos nothing as she vanished. The old man was about to speak but gave up. He had more pressing issues to deal with. He turned to his other daughter.

"You!" he snapped. "You're going to help me fix all of this!" The younger deity rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah," she muttered. The old man glared at her. Cupid put up her hands.

"Fine!" she said. The older deity groaned and threw back his head.

"Why do I have to deal with all of this?" he muttered to himself.

"Hm?" Cupid asked. The man shut his eyes and shook his head. He held out his hands and got to work chanting. Cupid rolled her eyes and did the same.

"Damn it, fun's over," she said under her breath.

"What did you say?" he asked. She shook her head and retooled her focus. The old man pushed in more of his focus as well.

Everything went back to normal and went back hours earlier. Nobody remembered what happened. No property damage. The poor lovers weren't in the hospital. The women went back to being their normal selves. It was like the last few hours never happened. Well, almost.

Noiz's phone rang.

"Hello?" she asked. The call didn't last long. Her phone dropped to the floor.

Heartbreak Hotel