The first thing that a person would usually say upon seeing Arthur for the first time is that they didn't really know what to make of him. He was a tall guy, athletic in the sense of keeping fit but the muscles built didn't show. He only ever seemed to wear the same old gray coat which no one was really convinced kept him warm. His hair was red and short and he'd never been able to coax any hair to grow on his face.

He rarely spoke instead going through his thoughts with himself rather than sharing them with the world. Which may make the idea that people focusing on Arthur's stoic nature was just because he didn't know how to share his feelings and they may be right. Arthur didn't know what to make of himself either. He'd never had the time to focus on figuring that out.

What he was focused on at the moment was doing a job.

"What do you need?" Arthur asked as he was focused stacking shelves in his newest place of employment. A supermarket on the outskirts of High Point Michigan called The Little Orange.

"Some kid got into the dairy isle and now Isle 10 is covered in milk and cream cheese. Go clean it up" that voice came from Arthur's supervisor. A woman by the name of Victoria who wore a short bob-cut and an orange vest over her normal outfit which was almost exactly the same as Arthur's.

Arthur stood up as he'd been crouched to reach a lower isle. "Yes ma'am" Arthur said as he passed the slightly shorter older woman. He stopped at the edge of the aisle to see Victoria waving her fingers at the cans he'd been stocking to make them float around and stock themselves.

Arthur found it kind of odd that somebody with a Boon power would work in a mundane place like this. Arthur never really knew what he'd do if he ever came into one of those abilities but he knew he'd want to use it to make it so he didn't have to work in a place like this.

Luck of the draw he guessed, no one really knew where Boon powers came from, only that it seemed anyone could get one at seemingly random. Maybe today would be the day he went to sleep and woke up the next with special powers but it looked like right now Arthur was the guy who needed to get a broom and trash can to fill in for the janitor who'd apparently called in sick and that was just what he did.

To be honest it wasn't the nastiest thing Arthur had ever picked up on one of these jobs it was the most time consuming though. He did not envy this kids parents who'd probably end up paying for all of this. The store was pretty empty at that point in the day it was nine pm after all and the store closed at nine thirty so most folks had cleared out at this point.

That was why the sudden noise made Arthur jump, he looked to his right to see what he quickly identified as the back of a person wearing a very disheveled coat on their hands and knees with their face dunked into a puddle of milk. By the sound of rasping they were licking at it and that kind of made Arthur's stomach churn.

Eating anything off the floor was gross but five minute old skim milk might just be the worst. "Hey, sir are you" Arthur began to try to check on them only for the rasping to stop and the individual lifted themselves up into a kneeling position staring at Arthur with milky white eyes.

Arthur stopped, a little stunned at the man's almost shriveled looking facial features. "CHEEEEESE" the word rasped out of the shriveled man's mouth and he pointed a shriveled finger right at Arthur. Arthur wasn't sure what to make of that until the fridge to his left was smashed open as a cloud of shredded and sliced cheese flew at Arthur as a wave.

Arthur's instincts acted before his head; he jumped back with more grace than he knew he could muster as the cloud slammed into the fridge to his left with enough force to shatter the glass that protected the frozen food behind. Arthur fell on his back and scrambled away, barely getting to his feet and running down the back of the store. The maniacal shouts of CHEEEEESE reverberated the entire store as he did so.

Arthur turned to his right to move into a different aisle and watched as the cloud of cheese was still in pursuit and had taken a different form, it now was roughly a humanoid shaped mass of packaged cheese that seemed to have some trouble turning rapidly. Arthur turned and met the shocked face of the store's manager, Victoria.

"Was that a cheese monster?" Victoria asked, looking up as the crazy man's voice sparked up again.

"Yeah, now go go go" Arthur insisted as the shelf to their left shook as the mass of cheese hit against it. Victoria didn't need to be told twice and the two of them ran down the aisle, taking a right, directly for the door only for Arthur to trip on something below his foot and fall directly on his face.

He looked to his left and saw a packaged case of swiss sliding across the floor to be stomped on by the foot of the now fully formed cheese behemoth. "Crap" Arthur said as he was about to be crushed by the same force he'd seen before until three twelve packs of canned Dr. Pepper flew above Arthur's head and right into the torso of the cheese monster.

"GET UP!" Victoria called out and Arthur took the extra couple seconds to scramble forward on all fours until he could catch his feet again and ran to the automatic doors. Hearing the massive impact behind him as the cheese crushed where he'd been just moments before. Victoria seemed in the process of running out the door only to be stuck for some reason. Arthur noticed her feet were surrounded by what looked like butter which was keeping her stuck in place. Arthur could hear the pursuer behind him and knew he'd have no time to stop.

As Arthur passed her he put out a hand and grabbed her shoulder, surprisingly barely able to pull her out of the trap. He was two steps to freedom at that point and another sound hit Arthur's conscious. A wave, he glanced right and saw a tidal wave of milk heading right for them, fast.

Arthur wrenched his left arm and flung his manager forward just as the doors opened and watched her fly out for a moment before the wave slammed into him and the cheese monster behind him. Arthur flew backwards and slammed into the set up tables and buggies behind him. Landing with the wind knocked out of him and witless. Arthur took a second to look upward and saw two figures towering over him. The crazy man and the cheese monster sat at both sides cutting off escape. The mad man smiled widely and pulled out a knife, "CALCIUM."

Arthur shut his eyes and reflected for a moment. So it looked like this was how he was going to die. Killed by some crazy boon user with an obsession with calcium while trying to play the hero. He couldn't see Victoria and didn't know if there were any customers were left in the store but maybe he'd be enough, or at least enough of a distraction. He thought of his family and hoped they'd be fine without him, looks like his little sister would have to step up sooner than they thought.

Arthur took a breath in and waited for a moment, until he couldn't any longer.

"NO!" Arthur shouted just as the knife pierced flesh and pushed the mad man away a few steps. They seemed even more shriveled than before as Arthur jumped up, trying to ignore the pain in his ribs.

He wasn't gonna accept death like that. He had people depending on him and croaking at 21 wasn't gonna do it. The mad man shouted in rage and the cheese monster swiped forward again. Only this time Arthur ducked with inhuman speed, falling onto all fours in a crouched position.

Suddenly everything became clearer, every scent in this room filled his conscious, the foods, the overwhelming smell of milk, and decay from the husk of a person in front of him. His reaction time and agility seemed off the charts as Arthur leapt onto the next cheese swing only to land on the beast's arm and leap onto the shelves some 10 feet away, balancing like an acrobat.

The craziest thing was that this all felt entirely natural. Arthur knew what his limits better than ever before, the pain had disappeared, and he felt lighter than ever as his attention never left the mad man who was picking themselves up off the floor.

Arthur's mind raced and was entirely calm at the same time. His enemy was the man not the cheese monster, once that was dealt with the dairy meddling would stop. Go for the weakness for the safest victory. He wasn't sure how he knew that but the thought was clear and trustworthy.

Of course that didn't mean his opponent would make it easy. With a curdling roar the cheese behemoth ran forward at speed, the arms slammed into the shelves that Arthur was resting on in an attempt to send him flying. The new brain behind Arthur had him vault over the giant and he gracefully made a landing on all fours, without missing a beat he was rushing forward. Going up back onto two legs as he closed in on his target and slamming an outstretched hand at the shouting husk.

Arthur's strength surprised him for a moment despite his assuredness that things were how they should be. His strike sent the crazy man flying into the wall which featured stacks of canned soft drinks. Sending them clattering to the ground as Arthur could hear the old man gasping for breath as he pushed himself up.

Arthur's nose filled with the smell of blood and to his shock it egged him on. The smell of blood made Arthur forget the real danger of this fight and before he knew it a heavy blow slammed into his back from the cheese monster.

It was Arthur's turn to fly across the room though unlike the old man Arthur didn't slam into the wall, he flipped his body to the side and broke his fall with his legs which hurt but nothing felt broken as Arthur now perched on the wall above the old man who looked up just in time for Arthur to pounce downwards.

Landing heavily onto the crazy guy, pressing a shoe into the guys face. The old man below Arthur went still and Arthur raised a hand to strike once more… Until he paused and took a deep breath. The guy was out for the count, but that instinct was still there. It was Arthur's conscience that made him fight it.

He looked behind him to see the cheese giant had now collapsed into a pile of packaged cheese. "What the hell…" Arthur said as he looked down at his hands, one of which was covered in blood that wasn't his and had fingers tipped in claws.