It took Arthur a few moments to process what exactly he had just done. He'd never been in a fight before. Not one like that, just some scuffles in school. What he'd just done had felt natural. Far too natural, the combat and attacking of another person had come just as easily as walking, under different circumstances that would've been disturbing but he supposed it'd worked out for the best.

Now that he was calm he began to notice something else his senses had been working overtime before but now that things were calm it came to true fruition. His hearing was working better than he would expect. From his experience working here you couldn't hear a thing outside but he could hear the wind blowing outside and even the sounds of crickets beyond that. It was eerily quiet within the store itself though most interestingly he could hear the sirens of police cars. He guessed that Victoria had been able to call it in.

He'd always heard the Boon Control Division of law enforcement worked fast but he'd never really had any experience with them. The thought crossed his mind that he may have just committed a serious crime. Boon related violence was taken very seriously, Arthur wasn't well versed in Boon related laws but he imagined random people with boons fighting other people with boons probably didn't fly.

Too late now, Arthur's hands were covered in blood that wasn't his and the glare of headlights were coming from outside. He could hear the faint sounds of doors slamming and footsteps approaching. An instinct in the back of his head wanted him to run and avoid possible trouble but he fought it back. That'd just make his situation worse.

The doors swung open and in walked a woman likely ten years his senior. She had short black hair, a pair of spectacles rested upon her laidback expression. She wore a badge on a tan vest which read out in big black letters B.C.D. She took a look at Arthur who shot back her gaze being unsure whether or not he should speak. After giving Arthur a once over she looked over at the old guy on the ground.

"That's the milkman right?" She said, pointing over at the old man still on the ground. The officer did so absentmindedly she crossed the distance between her and Arthur quickly and confidently, seemingly unbothered by his bloody state. She was a little bit shorter than Arthur but there was something… off about her.

That same instinct that had told Arthur to run was back. Warning him to be wary of a… rival?

"That makes you the guy who the caller said was still in the building" she spoke like she was figuring things out in real time. She suddenly took a deep sniff of the air, "by the smell you're a Boon User, by the blood you're a nasty one, explain yourself young man". The officer demanded and leaned back while standing and looked at him expectantly.

"I don't know what to explain… Ma'am. He was about to kill me and suddenly I felt different and I attacked him to defend myself" Arthur explained leaving out the fact that it'd felt like the right thing to do. The officer nodded along and then turned and walked away from him to the guy on the ground.

"Well, if it was in self-defense you're fine legally, especially since the guy's still kicking and you've got a witness but you'd best be careful and get registered quick. New boonies can get some folks nervous especially in Highpoint." the officer explained while squatting down to attach a pair of handcuffs to the man on the ground who was coming to. She got back up and looked at Arthur, she pushed her glasses higher into place before speaking again.

"What's your name?" She asked sounding even less professional than before.

"Arthur" Arthur spoke out and introduced himself. The woman nodded along and lifted the old man with one arm onto her shoulder.

"Well Arthur, you can call me Officer Navarro. I have a few questions I'd like to ask you, mind riding with me to the station? We can even get that new boon of yours registered when we get there. Don't worry you're not in trouble" Officer Navarro introduced herself and posed her questions.

Arthur initially wanted to say no but thought for a moment. That pesky instinct insisted that this woman seemed genuine and it wouldn't be a bad idea to get that registration stuff out of the way. It'd save him a bus ride anyway, that didn't even mention his curiosity at his newfound self. This lady knew about boons she was part of the Boon division of law enforcement if her badge meant anything.

"I'll go with you" Arthur agreed. Navarro grinned, showing off wicked pointy teeth in her mouth.

"Great. You wanna meet me outside after washing your hands or…?"