Prelude: The State of True Permanence

Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence. And everything changes by time, nothing truly remains the same. Everything eventually comes to an end, the very concepts of immortality itself wouldn't survive the universe's end...

Those were my thoughts as I watch the last supermassive blackhole evaporating. Using the enhanced and modified version of the Dyson Sphere or rather a small part of it which I had makeshift, I had gathered cosmic energy or dark energy as my only means to escape this already dying universe. Once the blackhole explodes, the universe would remain in a state of true permanence. Nothing could change it, it will stay the same forever.

For the very first time, true permanence has been witnessed by the last human...myself.

When it explodes, I would have enough energy to create a new universe. It would take time and I will have to drift across the void between universes for time indefinite, but that's just a small price to pay - too small compare to what I've lost. Immortality had been a thing of old, I could never truly die by time but...there are no more interconnected cyberspaces for me to retreat so if I die by mortal means, I would die forever.

Once I'm in a new universe, my body although ageless, am exposed to be rid of. I will replicate a new universe that is nearly identical to mine. I could escape to another universe but different universes would most likely mean different laws of physics. And different laws of physics in my calculation have impossibly high chances of not supporting life so I couldn't risk it.

I'm the last human, the last hope for mankind to evolve. Even though time had reached us, I'm still here and I'll stop at nothing to survive. Replicating a universe is not easy and it takes a long time, both patience and intelligence were required to do this. The many scientific breakthroughs I've done by myself for an unimaginable amount of time has brought me this far and now, I have developed a technology that would grant me a way to replicate a new universe.

I had gathered energy for what seems to be eternity and this last supermassive blackhole is the only thing left before every piece falls into place.

The cold, dark place that is the universe at the end of time.

I fellow humans could see this.

Truly, a spectacle to witness.

It is fascinating yet sad.

The system is set, once I hibernate, everything will change. I will be in a new universe filled with things familiar and unfamiliar. It's a new start would be a continuation for me. Knowing humanity had traversed through the end of time, I hope my fellow humans are proud for that achievement. Once this is all done, maybe...just maybe...

I could stop researching and...try to truly live as a human.

I would like that.

To love, to question, to smile, to frown, to laugh,

Yes...that would be nice.

A smile finally crept up to my face; "A new life of my own choosing after carrying the hope my deceased human race had placed in..." I could feel my knees weakening at the thought of finally able to choose and decide what I do with "I'm...truly human, yes?" Tears streak down. "It is time..."

The blackhole emits a bright light. I climbed the hibernation chamber and set the specific time to indefinite. The system would awaken me if something happens so my worries are all unneeded. The universe will only be a void filled with photons...

This is a goodbye.

As the hibernation chamber closes in on me, I closed my eyes but not before taking the sight of my old universe one last glance before it lets out a bright light as unconsciousness grasp me...