It was 2 in the morning, Kuresi Standard Time (the Kalandrik equivalent of Pacific Standard Time). I was deeply asleep in my apartment. I wait for my next exploration mission. Twas quiet and peaceful.

But not for long.

My phone rang, waking me up. I tried ignoring it, but it kept ringing; Forcing me to answer it.

Davidson, we gotta see you! Sorry to call you late but it's important!

Can you wake me up in the next four hours?

Meet us at the base in one hour! And bring your Mark 13 with you! We can't keep talking, we're preparing the FarDoor! Meet us in one hour!

He hung up and took his word. I got out of bed and cleansed myself before taking my Mark 13 suit with me to the car. After an hour of driving and entering the base, the crew were expecting me, including Dr. Allers.

Once again let us apologize for waking you up at this time, but it is of vital importance. In Ixa, The Imperial Capital, Uoli'Tov Kresh was overthrown my Marcus Carpenter no less than a week ago. Though an hour prior to your arrival, we did found these.

He showed me two photos taken from our deep space telescope: a Gamma-Ray Burst and a planet. Stored in Floptical Discs.

We estimated that the Gamma-Ray Burst will hit Kalandra in the next decade. The planet we named Talrrusa will be our new home, if Carpenter doesn't get there first.

So you want me to go over to Talrrusa as a scout?

For Gordon, us and everyone else, yes. You have five minutes to observe there. After that, RTB so we can take whatever we can and get out before Carpenter's forces come in and take what he can, what he must know he must never have.

I groan, tired but able to do what I'm tasked to do. Alright, I'll go! Just keep talking and we'll be fine!

We will.

I put on the suit in the changeroom, all systems activated and the FarDoor already connected to Talrrusa, i make my first steps into the FarDoor and within a few seconds, I'm already there. I hear the voices coming in through my microphone and headset. Static, but audible.

Davidson. Buddy? You hear us?

Yeah i can hear you. Connection's a bit messy.

Switch on your video camera, we gotta see if it exists.

I turn on the vidcam, giving them the view of the world I'm on.


What I'm seeing is a world as beautiful as Kalandra was, before the Qythparsh stepped in and took over. One after another, Kalandra became of world of ruin, rock and steel.

How's that?

I hear nothing but static.

Uh, guys? You hear me? Anyone?

After three seconds, i finally get a response.

Y-yeah we can hear. Just hang out a little longer, buddy. And yes, it does really look nice!

Glad to hear!

Actually, come back in! You deserve some rest!

I sigh, relieved of the duty I've done for this for my pals and the scientists. I've place the marker on the spot not far from the FarDoor, indicating our triumphant first step on what will become our new home. I step back through the RingRoad; another few seconds passed and I'm back. Only to be met with a bunch of Soldiers and DreamBreakers, holding the scientists and my buddy hostage.

Thank you for your cooperation. You are no longer needed for further assistance.