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[WARNINGS] M/M, Werewolves, A/B/O Dynamics (including heats, knotting, etc), and some bullying are all present in the story.

"What's going on here?" I kept the growl from my voice but I could feel it rumbling in my chest. I narrowed my eyes at the swim trunk that were currently clutched in a pale hand and then at the two shivering boys in the pool. They looked similar to one another… brothers?

The scent of chlorine was too heavy to tell who was who exactly, but instinct let me know there was at least one omega in the room, likely one of the boys in the pool… maybe even both of them, but based on the way the slightly taller one stood in front of the other, my bet was one was a beta. That begged the question of why they were in that pool.

This wasn't the sort of place for weaklings, though senseless violence was also frowned upon. Still it seemed weird that they were acting like they were still in general education and not at a specialized training academy. What did this blonde brat have over the wolves that kept them in the pool and not at least triggering the beta to fight back? Though I supposed the instincts of a beta to protect an omega were not quite on the same level as an alpha's.

With no answer to my questions available on the faces of the wolves I turned my stare to the blonde holding the shorts. His grin didn't fade even as I narrowed my eyes at him. If it hadn't been for the fact that'd I'd have recognized another alpha wolf even over the stench of the pool, I'd have pegged this brat as one.

"Nothing's happening here that's any of your business." he replied, twirling the trunks and sending water droplets everywhere. "Unless you want to join?"

I could here Miach chuckling from where he stood just out of sight and sighed. What exactly had that old bastard dragged me into?

"Haha, very funny." I deadpanned. "Give the boy back his trunks."

I didn't feel the need to let the command leak into my voice, these boys weren't wolves so it wouldn't have as much of an effect on them… the ones in the pool, however, were a different story.

"And we have to listen to you because…" he trailed off, clearly enjoying himself, "You're an alpha?"

It was promising at least that he could tell that much even if I'd not given him any indication of my status. I wasn't like most alphas, it was one of the the reasons Miach had to throw me out of the pack. I didn't rise to the challenge just rolled my eyes in exasperation. I was tempted to ask if he was still in grade school, but Miach, fortunately, decided to grace us with his presence.

"Because," he said mostly amused though a glance back confirmed he was concerned about the wolves in the pool just as much as I was, "This is your new mentor. Now do as he says, Vlad."

He crossed his arms as he came to a stop next to me, looking around the room. "It looks like you'll also get to be advising there recreational classes as well until I can find a suitable replacement…"

"Great, that's what I've always wanted." I said on a sigh. I'd said it sarcastically, but we both knew better. It is actually what I'd wanted. I was good in the field-a calm alpha was a valuable assent after all-but my strong suit was my ability to process information… and some times I tended to ignore the niggling feelings I got that warned of imminent dangers. A blatant disregard for common sense, in other words… at least in that aspect I was every bit as alpha as the others. So, desk job. It worked for me.

I raised an eyebrow when he didn't immediately move to do my bidding. "What are you waiting for? A letter from the pope?"

"He looks a little young to be a mentor…" Vlad said quirking his own eyebrow, but never loosing that grin. "Let alone someone with enough seniority to snark at you."

"Terribly young as my dear boy is, he's already taking over as the alpha of his own pack."

Vlad wasn't the only one whose eyes widened at that and I craned my neck to give him a questioning look. He gestured to the two boys in the pool and then to the other boys.

"Of course, I still have every intention of having him take over my pack when I'm old and grey, but…" Miach shrugged and I shook my head. His pack would never accept me as their alpha. "I trust you can handle this, Alistar?"

He patted my shoulder and left and I was left glaring at the space he'd vacated for a moment, before getting tired of waiting for 'Vlad' to hand over the trunks. I had them in my hand before he had a chance to realize I'd moved and offered them to the boy in the water.

Once appropriately dressed, I pulled him from the water, immediately recognizing him as the omega. I helped the other boy out, a beta. I figured I'd need to have a chat with them about their passiveness but I guess it could wait for a while and we'd have to deal with the pack ceremony at some point apparently. I eyed the other three uncertainly. Normally non-wolves didn't join packs and even when they did they didn't typically feel the pack bond like the wolves though there was just as much magic available to give them that. The question was did they actually want that.

I wasn't interested in forcing a pack bond on anyone… another discussion to have, but maybe sometime after this situation was resolved.

"You don't have an alpha that's going to try and rip me a new one if I lend you this, do you?" I asked unzipping the jacket. I didn't smell anything and there was no claiming mark I could see, but better safe then sorry.

"No, it's just me and Aiden." he mumbled, showing his neck without thought in a typical sign of submission. I wanted to sigh, no interest in this nonsense, but for the sake of the nerves I knew he must be feeling I leaned forward and nosed at the place behind his ear, acknowledging his submission to me. I didn't waste time pulling away and handed him the jacket. At least he didn't seem to be terrified of alphas like some omegas I knew. That meant he hadn't been mistreated… much anyway.

The loose t-shirt I was wearing came off next, handing it off to the beta, trying to ignore Vlad's whistle. A part of me-the primal alpha part of me-was thrilled to bits that I had a pack regardless of whether the bond was formed or not. Even I could feel the muscles in my shoulders relax when they were wearing my clothes covered in my scent. I was only a bit embarrassed by the feeling but didn't give any indication of it outwardly. A good nose might've picked it up if not for the scent of chlorine.

In any case, I was glad I was the type to layer, though the fitted shirt really left little to the imagination, it was a good fabric that dried quickly and well, werewolf business sometimes got a bit messy.

Aiden offered his neck and I repeated the process with him quickly. Both wolves were clearly more relaxed now, no longer shivering, so I figured it was all for the best in any case.

"We can discuss the pack bond later, go dry off and return to your rooms." I said to them and then turned my eyes to the three who remained. "You two," I gestured to the two who were trying and failing to hide behind Vlad, "in the pool. Start swimming and if I see you slacking for a moment you'll understand the word regret by the time I'm through."

When I watched them quickly scramble to follow my orders, I figured they'd just not wanted to join the wolves in the pool. I turned to Vlad and gestured for him to follow me.

"As for you, we need to have a little chat."

Vlad followed at a leisurely pace completely unconcerned.

"Why were you bullying them like you were some elementary school brat?" I asked as soon as we were an adequate distance from the pool, though I kept some of my awareness on the boys. "And don't give me that 'we were just joking around' bull shit. They were shivering in there."

"Well, David's an omega, that basically means he's the bitch, right?" Vlad replied, eyes sparkling, though I couldn't figure out why. "Of course, Aiden got in the way, so he got to join him."

Was he trying to piss me off? That was the only reason I could tell that he'd be speaking like that to my face. And if I'd had an established pack bond with those two before this, then maybe I would've risen that the challenge this time.

"It seems you didn't listen properly in your biology classes." I replied with a shake of my head.

"I listened well enough," Vlad said leaning close enough to me that I could catch his scent over the stench of chlorine. It was a spicy herbal sort of smell that confused my inner wolf. I ignored it for the time being. No need to be nosy. It wasn't my business what he smelled like. Vlad was talking again, I realized. "I know an alpha would do anything to protect an omega of their pack."

I opened my mouth to reply, narrowing my eyes on him, but he cut in before I could say anything.

"Would you do anything for your omega?"

"He's not my omega," I don't even want an omega, I added in my head, rubbing my temple when I felt a headache threatening me. "So anything is a bit of stretch…But I won't stand by and let you treat him as you please."

"And who are you to stop me?" he asked and I wanted to smack him a bit. We had just went over this hadn't we?

"I'm your mentor." I replied voice carefully neutral, no need to let on his plan to annoy me was working albiet slowly.

"But how do you know I'll really leave him alone?" He got closer again and I was almost tempted to step back at the fidgety feeling his presence was giving my wolf. Almost. "You can't be with him all the time, can you?"

He was maybe a couple of inches shorter than me but something about the way he looked at me made it feel like I was the shorter one before I mentally shook myself, trying to decide how to handle this. It was my first time as a mentor and this was the first time I'd had to deal with someone so troublesome. What was best?

"What do you want?" I finally settled for, sighing. Best to just try and coax him into behaving with a treat, right? If this didn't work, then I could always try a sterner approach.

"You caught on quicker than I'd thought you would," Vlad smiled brightly, but his next words almost punched the air out of my lungs. "Do whatever I want."

"Whatever you want…?" I asked after I'd just stared at him in surprise for a moment. "I think that's a bit vague." Was he really an adult? I felt like I was dealing with a spoilt child.

"I have some… interests that most people don't understand." he said seeming to choose his words carefully, and I narrowed my eyes at him feeling a niggle at the back of my mind. "I just want you to enjoy them with me… Well, that and some other things too."

I didn't really get it, but I guess his behavior could stem from a sense of insecurity and distance caused by whatever it was that he was interested in. I'd never personally had to deal with anything like that, but I knew what it was like to be a bit different from your peers.

"Fine," I replied, ignoring the niggling in my mind. "As long as if it's within werelaw, I suppose. But you have to behave… No bullying, no acting out during class… If you break any of that, you'll be lucky if you even get to stay in the program. Understand?"

He nodded, smiling like his day had been made, so I figured it wasn't a bad call after all. A little nudge in the right direction and he'd make some friends and he'd forget a deal like this quickly enough.

"So it's a promise, Mr. Alpha," he said and I nodded. "Will you really be able to do that? Submit to someone weaker than you?"

I don't think he understood what the word submit meant in the world of wolves other wise there was no way he'd have used it. I knew it was a bit different among humans, so maybe it was just for emphasis.

"Humans with the potential to succeed in this program are rare," I said, "If this can keep you from causing trouble and getting kicked out, I'll do it."

"It's a deal then," Vlad replied reaching his hand out. I could sense the spark of magic before I'd even extended my hand. "No take backs, OK?"

I hesitated because making a pact for this seemed a bit extreme. Of course, there were plenty of ways to nullify it when it was needed, so nothing to worry about. Honestly, it'd be harder to break my promise as an alpha than it would be to go against any magic, but maybe because he was human and couldn't understand that.

Whatever this interest of his was, someone had clearly betrayed his trust on the matter. So once again, I ignored the niggle in the back of my mind and took his hand, barely suppressing the uncomfortable shudder as magic swirled around us.

"You had best be ready," I said fully intending to make the most of his attention during classes. If this was all it took to be a good mentor for him, I could handle it. "No take backs."

The thin black of magic encircled our wrists and left behind a tattoo like residue where it settled. It was mostly complete, but I quickly amended myself, "We can discuss some of the details later."

The mark squirmed a bit before settling, faint and incomplete until we'd had a chance to discuss some of the other things. He pulled a face but didn't say anything.

"Now get swimming," I told him as I dropped him hand.

"Yes sir," Vlad's expression shifted to a grin and he went off to get into the water.