"It was all an eternally cold day, and we were up against the worst enemy we faced since the Nazis. However, unlike them, these aliens have no face. They're literally our Enemy Unknown to us. They have no face, therefore, no humanity. All they want is our extinction, securing this planet for themselves. But we won't back down without a fight. At just the right moment, we strike! Planting Crystal Bombs on their manufacturing plant and point-defence guns then triggered them, they all imploded, allowing our brethren to Flash in and make a quick, clinical assault. Some were caught, but we made it through in the end. All i can see now is the Midnight Sun in the sky, knowing full well that we're one step closer to the true nature of the Hyperboreans."

Omicron LJ-0518 "Midnight Sun."

"I'm making this log for what will be my last time. Because I'm going to die soon. Whether against an illness or likely against an Enemy Unknown, I'm already breaking my promise of coming back to my fiance and getting married. This is so hard...I want to live! But i doubt that. Oh God, please help me!"

Sergeant Theodore "Ted" Cochran. He died during the Battle over the Mountain in Battle Mountain, B.C; this was his final log.

"We wanted to see heroes battle evil, generation after generation. We were inspired by these heroes to do great things to come. On Earth or beyond, we'll brave against the unknown and hope for better things to come."

Grand Councillor Timothy Herbert "Heroes Future Past."

"We're all familiar with two games, Checkers and Chess. In Checkers, the main goal is to capture all the opponents pieces. In Chess, its about checkmating the opponent's King. Generation after generation, playing Chess has been passed on from kings and emperors to children, learning to strategize our thinking and come up with many outcomes after each player was checkmated. There are even variants of Chess that can be played with three or more players. But not this game we're playing. This is like playing Checkers, except played with two boards. One board for us, one for them, and every move we make is us jumping to their board, then them jumping into our board and vice versa. There are null moves, but i won't matter because every game we played, they win. It's only until later that we start getting better, but even if we do so, neither we or them win. Every game ends in a stalemate. So unless we find a way to win the game, we may never win at any moment in due time."

Anonymous Professor "Alice Checkers."