Lord, You are like a river; You have shown me an ocean.

You have turned my worldy castle into sand

And I am free.

By Your Grace, I rise and I fall, to I crash on Your shores.

Only Your love could last 'til the end.

Fortune is fleeting; time is deceiving;

Our bodies are weak, and they turn back into dust.

I follow Your wind, Your love like lightning,

Striking only once. Is it not enough?

Is it not enough to live by the ways of the God,

To be part of His painting, whatever it's worth?

Throw your arms around each other and love one another,

For it's only one life we have before Heaven.

Surely, all beings were made for each other,

To join hands together when the days turn to dust.

Let the prison walls cave, and the wired fences all crumble.

There is a place for us all on Your earth, O' Lord.

Late in the evenings, I feel Your wind blow;

It talks to me through the treetops, warm in the sun.

Lying in this cell, watching the moon rise.