Looking at my life
At a much slower pace
I realize what I've done
To hurt this immortal place
My home, my house
Where I lived my life
I have stained it all red
With blood from a sharp knife
That's right, I've done it
It all ends
I've finally cut too deep
And this bleeding will never end
I did it for you
You were my life
And then you took my heart,
And stabbed it with a knife
I told you I liked you
I finally declared it true
You made fun of me with your friends
Yes, I know that was you
You didn't talk to me
I was ignored like a bad dog
So I told you a story
Told you everything I said wasn't true
Hopefully you've forgotten about that note
Because it made me real blue
And now its summer
Oh, it's bright and happy outside
But I'm stuck in here,
Trapped in my dark mind
So I end it here
I feel my life draining away
Hopefully you will get this letter
Another day
Oh wait, I have just one last thing to say
I loved you very much,
So please don't frown
I'll still be with you
When you're feeling down
So please
Put this note away
The past is a bad thing to live in
I discovered that today