I love you so much
I really shouldn't
You treat me like shit
You practically ignore me
I write you back
I always do
And I wait endlessly
For you to respond to me
Because that brightens up my day
To know you took time to care about me
But that's all to you
Just friends, nothing more
Maybe if I was perfect like her
You'd like me
I tell myself I'll find someone new when school starts
But I don't know about that
Because I wont see you all summer
So I'm stuck here thinking about you
This infatuation
I shouldn't be like this
You made me cry
On the last day of school
Yep, that's why, it wasn't because about school ending or dumb shit like that
It's really dumb really
I made a bet, that I'd hug you
I know it's nothing special
But I didn't do it, I chickened out
Now that's all I can think about
I should have done it
Oh well, maybe next year
Hopefully I won't be as queer
Yes, I know I was weird
But that all changed, I met new friends
I lost some weight
I got new clothes
Wishing you would be taking off those
But, oh well, I blew it again
Dammit, I always do this
I always bitch and complain
Maybe if I shut up, things would be better
If you ever read this
I hope you know it's about you
But I don't think you will, because I won't be telling you
Because last time I did, you freaked out
Damn if I had only changed what that note was about
But I can't go back,
Or change what I did
So too late, I'm just a dumb kid
I think that's all I am to you
But that's ok
Because I'll meet someone new, right?