State of Confusion

With your weight on my shoulders/It's hard to concentrate/With you braething on me/You're so confusing/Why am I different/than I was before/What makes you so special/You're so confusing/Do yhey know you do this/Or look away like always/Or pretend not to see it there/You're so confusing/Did you even notice/Did you even look/Did you even try/You're so confusing/Of all the things I've heard/About you or what you've done/What is true and what is not/You're so confusing/Are your words so true/Are your words what they mean/Are you words/You're so confusing/

Note: Please leave a review. I sent this to a special someone - he's read it but so far has no comment on it. If you've read my diary - it's Shawn. I sent it over 2 weeks ago, assuming he'd read before he moved. Now, the question: What you think if someone sent you this that you loved?