I'm Drowning, Jenna

By Shino Yume

You've been so very kind, Jenna.
You've always stayed by my side.
It's been wonderful knowing you, Jenna.
It's time for me to come out inside.
Things have been hard for me, Jenna.
And I know they've been hard for you too.
But I don't really think you know how much, Jenna.
I think I'm slowly drifting away from you and everyone.
The water out here is cold, Jenna.
My tears have been flowing a long time.
I'm crying inside for you, Jenna.
But don't jump in along for the ride.
I'm drowning in my sorrow, Jenna.
I hear your calling from the shore.
Save your worries for someone else, Jenna.
Save them for someone who needs them more.
I've forgotten how to swim, Jenna.
And I know you'd like to rescue me.
But no matter how hard you try, Jenna.
I'm too far gone, It's too late.
I'm drowning, Jenna.
You'll live on without me.
Goodbye, Jenna.
Wear your pretty smile to mark this day.