Learning to Trust Again

By Shino Yume

I was found in loss...
Surounded by blackness
Beaten and bleeding.
My past has been so rocky.
I don't know if I'll ever get over it.
I've been trying to forget it,
But It's so hard to let go of it.
It seems that everywhere I turn
There is some new reason to be afraid.

Then you came.
You've been trying to teach me,
But I havn't been listening.
I've been too afraid,
That you just wanted to hurt me,
Like everyone else I've known.
It's hard, learning to trust again.

Then I got hurt, and badly.
But not by you, by someone else.
And you were there to pick me up.
You comforted me, even as I cried.
No one's ever done that for me before.

Now I have someone to turn to.
And I think I'm learning.
You gave me something to hope for.
Suddenly, things are getting
Just the smallest bit brighter.
I thank you,
With all of my fragile heart.