Once upon a time, there was a girl who was locked up inside a box for everyone else to see. It was a strange occurance for none knew her parentage, other than herself. But she would not talk, she would not talk to anyone. No matter how much people tried, they would use kind words, mean words but she would just close her eyes, rock back and forth and tune them out. The box itself, was made of glass - so that when it rained she would not get wet.
Nobody knew why she was there for people to watch, nobody cared. They watched her, coming home from work, they watched her going to work, they watched. No one knew her name, but they called her 'Silent', because she was so quiet.
Silent sat in the box, holding her knees together. Her thoughts were merely randomly generated, she did not see things the way others saw, she did not hear the way others heard, she talked a way others did not, she felt thoughts no one else could.
It was a man that was her father, a man of great power and rank that knew her speciality. He sent her to the government, and they officially ranked her dangerous, a freak, someone malformed - others even thought she was crazy. Some even dared not come close to her, in case she did something to them...which was impossible because she was locked, sealed away in the box.
It was one night, that she had a dream, that she was needed. That someone needed her more than anything else, that she had to go there. Her heart whispered to her, a map of coming out of the box. Her heart told her of a planet millions of galaxies away that had animals that spoke like her, felt emotions - love and joy, pain and sadness. Emotions her world did not know, she saw strange beings that looked like her. Two arms, two legs, two eyes, one mouth, one nose, fingers, toes, and somehow she knew that she was one of them. Her heart sang her stories, of the miracles and the power that lies in the heart. A secret magic that the humans on that world, Earth forgot. It showed her that she would be needed on Earth, and if only getting there was the one most thing she ever wanted, her heart would take her there.
So she sat there after her heart was done singing, the magic air sang her asleep so that the others on this world taunting her, tricking her would not reach her ears nor eyes. But inside her mind, she was wishing, and wishing with all her might that she would wake up in the Earth that she saw.
Something happened however, while she was asleep, tendrils of power slipped out from her body. It reflected itself several times in the glass, if she hadn't been in the glass the power would only send her to Earth. But because the glass was there, it vibrated and reflected, growing stronger and stronger. Soon the glass exploded, the little power needed sent her to Earth, but the rest. The rest punished the inhabitants of this world.

Chris understood the story Silent told him. She was the girl that had fallen into his arms. She jumped away from him, seemingly afraid that he would hurt her.