The Last Of Her Writing

By Shino Yume

Head down, she sighs.
It's been a long time
Since she's done anything satisfying.
"If the people don't like it,
Then I won't write it."
She'd said ever so long ago.
She sighed again, lifting her head,
Drying her tears, and shivering.
"Well, the people don't like it anymore...
Give it up, self proclaimed poet.
It's not worth your effort."
She chews her lip, realizing,
That she herself hasn't been happy as of late
With any of her work.
The ideas were so beautiful in her head,
But they came out Jack Shit on the paper.
"At least I got a couple of good things out,
While my poetry spell lasted.
Maybe they won't forget me..."
She shakes her head.
"They will."
She remembers as a child, always writing.
"You're going to be a famous writer someday."
Someone once said.
"I wouldn't believe you now."
And she throws away her pen.