One day a group of peeps go to an old haunted house far in tha woods where no one would live close by.
Tha peeps in this group was Eel Shadow Crazy Dirty and who else but crazys pet dawg Scooby doo.
As they drive down tha high way a huge puff of fog covers van and they van flips over a rock in lands in woods. "SEE I KNEW SHADOW COULDN'T DRIVE!" says crazy openin door
"Well it aint my fault u bought a cheap car!" shadow yells back
"hey it aint cheap" yells crazy "then why did it cost 50 dollaz and a piece of gum?" " .cuz im stupid.,..?".
Afta tha arguin up tha bubble gum car they jump out tha van and walk through woods seein lil tikki stick figure things hangin from trees "whoa look it's barbies" says crazy pullin down one of tha stick figures. "I know what its missin" pulls out a pair of extra extra extra small undawear out pocket and puts them on it.
"cool now it's a hood ordament" says shadow puttin it in his pocket."hey look yall it's a red river" says Eel pointin at a small river. "maybe somebody had there period in there cause its all red". As tha group moves on they see tha old house "rook yall it's a rold house". "scooby to tell tha truth , half tha time we don't undastand wha u sayin" says Eel "well half tha time we think u have implants. rererererere" snickered Scooby doo.
As they go to tha door of tha house they al decide to stay at tha house so as they go in tha house a loud moanin noise comes through house and door shuts and locks behind them and tha power comes on. "whats was dat? It wasn't me" says crazy "not me"says Eel and scooby " I shouldn't of ate that bean burritto" says shadow. As they think this house is safe they have tha wrong idea .

(more to come)