Silent Prayer
May god keep you and watch over you
And may the angels watch over you, as you sleep
And may you wake up the next day
Just as beautiful as the first.

May the stars protect you and keep you safe
And may you be snug and warm in your bed
And may you not feel lonely, because somehow
I'll be watching over you.

May the distance between seem like nothing
And may your heart always keep true to mine
And may your endless luv,
Be your guiding light.

May your dreams be gorgeous and beautiful
And may you be able to happy in them 'fore you wake
And may the images you see
Bring you great comfort.

May the light always keep out the darkness
And may your soul always find it's joy
And may your smile be very bright
A hope to others

May your eyes see beyond the sky
And may your sight bridge the distance 'tween us
And may the stars smile down upon you
For I know I would.