They're Coming to Take Me Away
They're coming to take me away
Tis madness to delay
I'm really crazy they say,
why can't they get out of my way.

You say I'm mad,
but really it's not that bad.
My saneness I once had,
They've put me in a cell with pads.

You can't stop my mind
It's thinking all the time,
about new words to rhyme.
If only they'd look and not be blind.

You must think I am truly insane,
I must have lost my brain.
Maybe it left town on the last train,
or I left it out in the rain.

Impart the truth? I might as well.
But then I'd have to kill you, 'cause you'd tell.
And then I would end up with no one to post my bail,
and I would have to rot away in this cell.

They'll keep me here,
for much more than a year.
I have nothing to fear,
because I am the last great seer.

That's right I know how it'll end.
No there is no time to make amends.
Our deaths the heavens will send,
We're all trapped, we're all penned.

This jacket is pretty tight,
I guess I really put up a fight,
They know I'm right,
and soon they'll see the light.