A blond-haired woman slept calmly in her bed as her curtains swayed slightly in the wind. Her room was decorated in pink flowered wallpaper with a matching bedspread. Her dresser set was white with a French design on it. Her desktop was neatly covered with pictures of her family and friends. Knick-knacks and collectables gave the room a richer feeling.

The woman lay peacefully in her room, the moon that shown through her window highlighted her features. A silk nightgown showed covering her body where the blankets stopped. The looked almost too big for her.

The curtains that had been flapping to and frow in the night's breeze suddenly ceased. A red smoke began to engulf the woman's body and then the red smog became one with the woman's body for a sec before disappearing. The woman shot forward out of bed her long hair covering her face at first. But then she moved her head so you could see her face. Her eyes were a glint with horror, but her mouthed smiled with evil upon its lips.

Jillian shot up out of bed in a cold sweat. She looked around her room at the familiar surroundings. She panted heavily as she looked at the clock, which now read 1:03. She gasped for air as she got out of bed and walked over to her window. She looked outside and down at the sleeping village.

"What was that she asked herself?" replaying the dream in her mind not quite knowing what to think. She knew that the dream itself was utterly imposible, but still it scared her. Her dreams were usually happy and cheerful. And if they weren't they had at least made sense. The woman in the dream she knew. It was Christine Haven the owner of the horse stables.

She knew that there was no way that she would make any sense of the dream if she didn't get a good nights sleep so she back to bed and pulled her covers back over herself. She glanced once more at the clock before closing her eyes and falling into a dreamless slumber.