San Antiono Poems
Bye Katie aka Hotaru-chan

Hidy. I know I'm not in a normal spot (poetry out of a SM fanfic author? nah) but I want to share my poetry that I wrote on a trip to san antiono.

Disclaimer: Please don't steal, it's not nice, and when these lyrics/poems become famous, i'll sue anyone who uses these without my permission.


There is but one night
to say goodbye to love
When hearts beat together
and then forced apart
is a tearing of two wholes

Notes on A Performance

Hear the drums
beat the message
The Voices raise
The harp plays a simple melody

There is a simple sweetness in the dark
A dark descant sweeps the night
And hearts sour to Winter Highs
And a gentle wind blows

Hear the flute
Echo the wind
The voices raise
And a song begins

Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart
Night to Night
Me to you
Heart to Heart
Touch to touch

Lady Mine

Lady Mine
I want to listen under the moon
Lady Mine
No secrets from the dark room

Lady Mine
To the night I pledge my life
Lady Mine
Pale in the Moonlight

I want to see you tonight
I want to hold you tonight
I want to need you tonight
I want to take in your spirit tonight

Lady of Love
Lady tonight
Lady of of Mine
Lady of All

Lady Mine
I want to hear you under the Moon
Lady Mine
I have no secrets in my candle-lit-room

I am

I am Calm Cool
Collected like an angel
Deep Blue

I am Crackling roaring
Driven to Greatness
Hot Flame

I am all around in every corner
Flying in the sky
Crystal Clear

I am solid predictable
adaptable to extremes
Green grass

I am above all ruling all
Loving to All
Comferting All


I am the night winds
That blows your hair
and gives you chills

Bring the New Age
Hold the Wind in your Heart
There is Beauty in Silence
And Hope in the Dark

Hold my Hand into the night
And I'll blow around you gently
Make you shiver in delight
But know you aren't my only.

Shining Star (I wanna be)

I wanna be a Shining Star

I wanna run with the fireflys
Catching them in jar

I wonder if I've gone too far
You gotta wonder if you can't see the stars
Staring now...up at a clear night sky lights all around me,
Encircling my soul
I wonder, " Have I lost Control?"

I wanna be a Shining Star
I'm gonna run that far
I'm gonna jump into the sky
And fly past the moon

Running and hiding,
Saving and Surviving
I gotta wait so that

I can be a Shining Star
I can Run that far
I can tell the world
That Dreams come True!

I wanna be a Shining Star
I want my Dream to come True


ive got a secret
its something i cant hide
you know its something
if you cannot cry

ive got a secret
for controling the top
its always lonely
if you sit and stop

keeping it lowely
keeping it right
holding the future
with all my might

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