Tortured Existence

Tortured Existence

The final word was spoken

The sentence had been dealt

Being led away in shackles

Who knows what she felt.

The pain is in her tears

Her hair shielded her as she cried

And in that very instant

She felt as if she'd died.

Her prison rose before her

The torturing would never cease

And only within the arms of death

Would she find her release

Some guards judged her carefully

As if she were a piece of meat

Others simply stared

At the new girl from the street

The shackles weren't the only bindings,

There was but little hope anymore

No longer indulging in thoughts of escape

She thought only of the terrors in store

The men were often brutal

Sometimes leaving her broken and battered

In dealing with these savages

She felt that life no longer mattered

God's grace didn't extend to her

She was alone with her plight

And without the hope of God

She lacked the will to fight

So she accepted her fate

And slowly died from within

But how many girls are like her

Waiting for their punishment to begin