Butch or Femme?

Butch, Femme
Butch, Femme
What fucking ridiculous Categories!
I'm wearing boxers; I must be having a Butch day!
I'm wearing a skirt; I must be having a Femme day!
But there are the days when the Crack Whore on the corner sticks her hand up my skirt to find the Red Kung-Fu Men shorts underneath-
Oh No! What am I to do!
Personally I think Butch and Femme is totally irrelevant.
I think we should define ourselves-
(Should we need to define ourselves at all)
by much more important terms.
Top and Bottom.
I mean-Jesus Christ-what more do you really need to know?
Everything else is just gravy.
But, you know we have a problem there too.
You get me in the right mood, and I'll let you fuck the taste right out of my mouth.
If I'm feeling premenstrual, you had better believe I'm gonna ride you till the Kingdom Come.
Butch, Femme
Butch, Femme
Bitch, femme-bot