A Best Friend

One thing,
Just one thing,
The only thing
I have always wanted
Always needed
But never had.

A best friend
Who would last longer
Than just a year or two.
A best friend
Who will be there for me
When I fall again and again.

When I was eight
I wrote to Santa
I asked him for one thing,
Just one thing.
Betcha can't guess
What it was?

A best friend
To bring sunshine to my world
To stay by my side.
A best friend
Who just made all my problems disappear
When ever they were around.

A teddy bear is great
For late night comfort
But who's gonna be there
When you wake up
And see you only have a teddy bear,
Who will always be by your side.

A best friend would
If only I had one
Who would last more than just a year or two
And be there when I fall
And stay by my side
And make all my problems disappear.