Anna Joellyn's Introduction Anna Joelyn

*In the pale moonlight she looked up from her kill, face smeared with its life blood. The light washed her skin to silver and her hair to onyx sheen, both dulled in places by the ruby shimmer of blood. She tipped her gaze to the moon, gave a short huff of breath and lowered her face to tear at the flesh of the deer once more. She tore viciously at it, eating her fill of the rich meat, feeling the blood trickle over her face. Her fingers bent into claws and she cupped the sweet blood in them, wiping it over her bare forearms. A baptism of blood. She turned her stained face once more moonwards, eyes showing pale white orbs, unseeing. Her nostrils flared and she twisted this way and that, feeling something advance on her. Her lips peeled back and she crouched, blind eyes tracing the path of a wolf circling her and the kill. She let out a hiss to meet the growl issuing from the woods, and still the wolf circled. She listened for the others, knowing it would not be alone. She heard the snap of a twig behind her, then one beside her bare moments before they rushed into the clearing. Three of them, feral scavengers, picking on what they thought would be easy prey. She growled back at them, ears straining to keep track of the three. She flattened herself against the ground as one leapt at her from behind. She could feel its rear claws brush through her mat of hair and it's scrawny tail slapped her in the face as the wolf stumbled from the landing. She lashed out one hand and grabbed at the legs landing in front of her, pulling viciously. The wolf yelped and fell to the ground, snapping and snarling until a claw-like hand twists in the wolf's ruff and swings the wolf's head against a stone, knocking it out. She spins then, watching the other wolf circling in front and the other behind her.*

*They are more cautious now, walking with stiff legs and arched backs. Their circle closed slowly and they snapped at her as they passed. She circled around so they were on either side of her, not front and behind, snapping back with bloody teeth and growling her challenge back. She was worse than these beasts, feral and wild, but on the defense of her kill. They both leapt at the same time, coming at her quickly. She ducked and scrambled forwards on all fours, away from the kill. The wolves landed, snarling at each other for a moment before they reached some form of agreement. The smaller of the two stalked her and the larger began to tear at the deer's body. She rolled to all fours and waited for the wolf to lunge, baiting it with her bloody hands and face. She could hear the other wolf feeding from her kill and she seethed...damn scavengers, not worth their was Her kill. She chased it down through the woods, tore it from it's feet, extinguished it...damned if she was going to let them have it without a fight. So when the smaller wolf lunged, she was ready and met him with open hands. She gripped the fur on his shoulders and rolled onto her back, using his momentum against him. As they rolled she brought her feet up, planted them squarely against the creature's ribcage and kicked out. The wolf yelped as it flipped over backwards, pulled to the ground by her grip on its shoulders. He snapped at her wrists and managed to break the skin on her wrist, drawing blood, before he slammed and slumped into the ground. That leaves only one. She rolls to her feet, licking the wound on her wrist clean, listening to the other wolf. It's still eating, gorging. It lifted its head from the kill and bared it's teeth, backing up. She advanced on the kill, standing over it possessively as the wolf backed off. They growled at each other for some moments before she sniffed the air, catching the wolf's scent. She tipped her head and sniffed again, advancing towards the wolf, cautiously. One hand stretched towards the wolf's abdomen, feeling the natural swelling that timed with the scent on the air. The wolf would soon be a mother. She pulled back from the wolf, back from the kill, tipping her head towards the meat so the wolf would eat. The mother wolf slunk forwards carefully, eyes watching her balefully before training on the deer once more. The furred face burrowed into the carcass, gorging, feeding five more lives. She watched as the wolf ate, then turned her face to the moonlight once more. With that, she slipped backwards into the shadows, into the woods, and disappeared.*

*She traveled on all fours through the woods, hands curled into claws and pulling her forwards through the brush. The twigs and sticks caught on her rags of clothing, tearing still more, but Anna fails to notice. Her face and forearms are still stained crimson from her hunt, drying now and flaking in places. Black hair falls in a tangled mass over her shoulders and back; so much so that she pauses, in a crouch and pulls it back with a vicious tug that snaps some of the strands. The hairs drift to the ground and settle there as Anna takes off once more through the woods. Onwards she travels, full of energy from her feed, blood running high from the fight, until she reaches a small clearing filled with pale light. She turns her sightless orbs to the sky, unconsciously tracking the moon's path. It's nearing it's end. The cycle will start to fail and she will not run on all fours. She waited there, motionless for a time, until the moon began to fade away, behind the horizon. The night had passed and the worst was over. As the moon slipped behind the horizon, shedding it's last rays of opalescence, Anna tipped her face to the sky, letting out a feral howl which slowly changed in pitch to a human scream. She sank to her knees as her breath gave out with the howl, and dropped her face into her blood stained hands. Her breath comes short, in gasps, her chest heaving and shaking as she fought for control. Soon the sun would rise; soon there would be people, humans, and 'normals' around. Where could she go? Shakily she got to her feet and forged on through the forest. Her tread was ungainly, not the fluid motions of a lycanthrope, but those of a frightened human, exhausted. She pushed branches and bushes out of her way, leaving the odd splash of blood from her bitten wrist on the foliage. Slowly, as the sun rose over the horizon and climbed into the sky, Anna made her way to a large clearing, with buildings. The Inn.*

*She leaves the safety and shelter of the forest, moving quietly along the edge of the underbrush, heading for the inn. This area she knows. Up ahead, the trees should dip away to the left. Count three from there and turn right. A few hundred paces that way and there is a trough of water. Anna walks with one hand out stretched in front of her, and the other keeping in light contact with the forests. One, two turn right. In the open area she moves slower, more cautious, then a stop… she feels around with her feet and then utters a low curse as she bashes a toe into the trough. She reaches a hand in and it comes out wet, good there's water. She fumbles around for a bucket; finding one overturned nearby, and dips water from the trough. She washes her face and hands free of blood as well as she can, missing a smear or two though. Turning her blind face to the Inn, she stands. Mentally she checks herself, telling herself to pause. A brief physical check makes sure she's at least covered and decent, even though she wears rags. Almost satisfied, she moves forwards slowly, towards the inn, following the sounds to the door.*

*The door of the Inn opened slowly and Anna stepped in, one hand out in front, feeling for things in her way. She twists her head this way and that, listening to the sounds. A slight hiss from one side, the murmur of conversation from that way. The distinct and repeated click of glasses to her left. Must be the bar. She turns that way and feels her way to the bar and a stool, resting her palms against the wood of the bar before sitting and 'looking' around the inn.*

*Anna felt carefully along the bar until her fingers came in contact with a pitcher, apparently filled with water, and a few glasses beside it. Very carefully she draws them to her and proceeds to pour herself a glass, spilling hardly any of the liquid. She sets the pitcher down and lifts the glass, letting the water flow over her tongue to wash away the taste of drying blood.* ~Passage of Time~ *She ran from the inn, clutching her hands to her chest and ducking her head down against the branches clawing at her. She pushed on through the forest, breaking a path through the brush until she reaches a clearing. She collapses there, breath coming in labored gasps, hands clutching at the soil and face pressed against the earth. Her eyes blink open and closed and she rolls, laying on her back, looking at the sky. The last remnants of sunlight bleed unseen from the sky, leaving it an inky blue dotted with pinpoints of starlight. As the moon begins to rise, Anna's blood races. Her hands work open and closed and she twists on the ground as though writhing in pain. The first silver rays break into the clearing, filling it with pale light that washes her skin to silver and her hair to onyx and she screams aloud, a sound torn from her core. As the light continues to beat on her the scream gradually changes to a howl, one that would spark fear in any who saw its source. Her howl died away and Anna rolled into a crouch, eyes wide ears nearly canted to catch all sound. She stalked around the clearing on all fours, moving smoothly despite the difference in limb length. Obviously she was used to this. She tipped her head to the wind, catching the scents on it, and she was hungry. She traveled back along the path she broke in the underbrush, traveling back to the inn and the farms around it.*