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"The Coven of the Blade"
- Chibi bast email: ichibibasti

Disclaimer: I REALLY hope that this fic doesn't offend anyone in anyway due to its explicit nature and use of Christianity and Wiccan references. If you are not cool with that, I tell you now to leave please.

Rated: R verging on NC-17 (definitely not meant for younger audiences; cursing, violence, sex, rapes, drugs, that will all be here I assure you. Leave now if this offends you or if you are too young to be reading this!)

In the beginning, the world was engulfed in perpetual darkness. It was a time when demonic creatures known as Djin ravaged the earth with their evil deeds and mischievous ways-Chaos ruled. There was no such thing as time, mercy, or hope only pain and sadistic pleasures of unimaginable proportions existed in this realm. Then it all came to an end when the Goddess pierced through the darkness surrounding the globe and cast the evil on the earth to different realms and dimensions. The world was made anew for a new generation to populate and take care of; yet evil was not about to give up on their claim. They managed to sneak into this new paradise and infected these new creatures with their seeds. These first women corrupted by the new beings that grew in their bellies began to succumb to the evil tendencies that had once ran rampant across the earth and as did their offspring. It seemed as if evil had once more gained new ground as the Djin began feeding on these feelings of hatred, lust, and greed that started to manifold across the world.

Five women were all that were left pure in their spirit and virtue. Five women alone joined in a pact and dedicated their lives to stopping these horrible creatures from bringing back their demonic world. These five women became the keys to breaking the barriers of time, space, and dimensions and the only hope left of preventing the Djin from releasing Hell on earth. They formed a group known only as the Coven of the Blade. Throughout the millennia more new true Wiccans have arose from the masses of the lost souls that joined their ranks; however, just as many are lost. This is their legacy.