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"The Coven of the Blade"
- Chibi bast email: ichibibasti

Disclaimer: I REALLY hope that this fic doesn't offend anyone in anyway due to its explicit nature and use of Christianity and Wiccan references. If you are not cool with that, I tell you now to leave please.

Rated: R verging on NC-17 (definitely not meant for younger audiences; cursing, violence, sex, rapes, drugs, that will all be here I assure you. Leave now if this offends you or if you are too young to be reading this!)

Chapter 1
Charlotte sat alone in her apartment starting outside the mist that covered the window. A thunderstorm had brewed over the city that she shared room and board with her "sisters." The youngest girl in the apartment, Naomi, was running around the loft screaming bloody murder with each clap of thunder and bolt of lightning. Melissa just parked herself in front of the TV and watched the commercials attentively in hopes that by distracting her attention from the screaming girl she could resist the insatiable urge to strangle her. But Sarah and Gio were still out there in the storm. They hadn't come back from their scouting yet, and Charlotte for one was getting worried as the wind began to pick up pace. It was not safe for two of her girls to go wandering around the city looking for any Djin activity especially in this weather, but the two were insistent on getting this opportunity to get out of the house. Cabin fever can drive people to do crazy things.

How long had it been since they quarantined themselves? About a week if Charlotte remember correctly. Melissa, the seer of the group, had sensed a powerful presence stalking her for the last few days before the lock-down was issued. Then the nightmares came along-horrible visions of a dark figure pouncing on her holding her down as he had his way with her then dragging her to an old building where he took up lodging. From there, Melissa, fully conscious all the while, was tied down onto his shrine as he prepared his instruments for the task at hand-removing the key from her. But before the ritual could even begin, she always woke up. Charlotte immediately issued a lock-down-no one leaves or enters without unanimous agreement amongst the coven till the threat was gone.

And so here they were, three of the most powerful Wiccans in North America, chilling at home while two of their own were out there. What was taking them so long? Did they get caught? Were they now out there fighting for their lives, or had they already lost their battle? The suspense was killing her; of course, Charlotte was never a patient person to begin with. "I'm going out," she said nonchalantly as she walked over to her room. At these words, Naomi stopped in her tracks and looked over at the doorway she had just walked into. "What?" the younger girl said as she lowered her arms down. "Are you insane?"

"No. Waiting is not my strong point," Charlotte said as she walked out of the room. She had dressed in a long leather trench coat, which concealed three daggers and a gun underneath.

Naomi ran in front of her and barricaded herself in front of the door. "You can't go there!" she pleaded. She looked over at Melissa whom was still sitting in front of the TV, munching away on some popcorn. "Help me!" the young girl cried to the drone.

"Yah Yah" Melissa said absentmindedly. "Hey Charlotte, while you're out there, could you pick up something for me to gulp down over. I'm kinda parched. Oh! And some cheetos. You're a sweetie, thanks."

Naomi shot an evil look at Melissa before returning her attention to the matter at hand. "I'm not letting you pass, damnit!" she cried as she slammed herself against the door. "There are enough people out there as it is. And what ever happened to the unanimous vote!"

"Charlotte's a big girl, Naomi," Melissa replied as she reached over for her wallet. When the commercial break finally interrupted the Invader Zim episode she was watching, she stood and stretched out, a twenty-dollar bill in her hand. "She knows how to take care of herself. Not only will she find Sarah and Gio, she'll also bring them back in time for us all to eat Blimpies, which she will kindly buy for us on her way back."

Charlotte sighed as she took the money from the younger woman's hands and slipped them into her pocket. "I'm not going to argue with you any longer. Let me through that damn door or I'll find another way."

"Who the hell do you think that you are talking to?" Naomi said with a vicious look on her faced. She fastened herself in front of the door; she was definitely not going to let her through now. "I'm not afraid of you, Charlotte; so don't even think that you can get what you want that way. Get back to that window and stop complaining. If they don't come by in 20 minutes, THEN I'll even consider letting you out."

Charlotte shook in head and turned around. It tore her up inside that she yielded so easily, but she knew when not to push Naomi. Despite her appearance and stature, the young girl was the eldest of the group. With those years came wisdom and power. Naomi was not a force to be reckoned with. Off went the fiery member of the group back to her seat by the window. She would give waiting another try; for now