Chapter II

Warily, the girl walked up to the person near the torch. Before she could say anything, though, the person turned, torch in hand, and beckoned for her to follow. Swallowing back her uncertainty, she followed the mysterious person into a large room. It seemed almost like a throne room, with a pedestal in the center, a huge painting above the pedestal, and large chairs on either side of the room. Two suits of armor were situated on either side of the door that the duo had walked through, and the girl eyed them closely, preparing herself for anything that might happen, when she noticed that the room had grown silent. The person who had led her in here had stopped. The girl halted and watched as the person raised its free hand into the air and abruptly formed a fist. The door they had entered through slammed shut, and the girl spun on her heels, watching the black marble door slide shut. She then turned to face the person she had followed and narrowed her eyes.

"Alright. I've held my tongue long enough. What is going on here, and who are you?" she asked in annoyance. The person's shoulders shook, and the girl grew tense. She reached behind herself to draw her sword, when the person raised a hand in the air and waved it. The girl's hand dropped back to her side, and she glared at her hand-she hadn't pulled it back. She then turned her glare on the person, whose back was still turned to her, took a deep breath, then began again. "Who are you? What is going on?"

"The question, my child," the person spoke, "is who are you, and what are you doing here?" The person's voice was soft but firm, and held an air of knowledge. The girl's eyes widened, and she took in a sharp breath.

"Who do yo...," she trailed off, catching herself, as she caught herself. Trying to calm herself, she glanced at her hands in thought. He's right, the girl thought to herself. Who am i? Why am I here? She straightened as an answer came to her.

"I know why I'm here," she said confidently. "I was sent here on a mission to retrieve an amulet stolen from a family in the town of Englehaft." Upon hearing that, the person chuckled, its shoulders shaking. The girl was growing more and more irritated, and her fists tensed involuntarily. "What are you laughing at?"

"Your response," the person replied. "I know that is not the true reason you are here, my child."

"Oh really? Then please tell me why I'm here, since I don't seem to know."

"With pleasure, my child. You are here on a quest for revenge...the amulet is a simple side chore on your true journey for vengeance against Chateau d'Enfer, and the people who inhabit this place."

"I would thank you not to call me child, as I am not your child...and I do have a name," the girl retorted. In reply, the person nodded.

"Yes. I should call you by your name...Kalysteau," the person said. Upon hearing her name spoken aloud, Kalysteau gasped inwardly, then stood tall.

"Thank you. Please continue."

"You feel partially guilty for the death of your family and loved ones...I saw your reaction when you saw the body of that boy on the wall," the person said. "That was when I could sense the guilt and revenge in your soul..., and that is why you are really here. That amulet was just an excuse for you to enter, although it is a truthful excuse," the person finished. Kalysteau took in a sharp breath once again, then walked up to the person's side and peered at it.

"How could you know so much about me...if I've never seen you before in my life?" Kalysteau asked quietly. The person chuckled again.

"I know so much about you, Kalysteau...because...," the person trailed off. While the girl watched, the person lifted two hands to the immense hood it wore and pulled it back, revealing a face Kalysteau recognized. She gasped as the person looked at her.

"It''s you," she murmured. "W-Wolke?!" The young man nodded, and Kalysteau stepped back to look over him again. The cloaked man stood about six-two, with piercing silver eyes and midnight-blue shoulder-length Kalysteau remembered from her childhood. She gazed at Wolke again in astonishment, then unexpectedly reached up and touched his hair gently, as if it were silk. Wolke watched her all the while, then sighed as Kalysteau stepped back. "Where have you been? You disappeared all those years ago. I thought that you had..."

"Died?" Wolke finished. Unable to speak, the girl nodded, and Wolke sighed again. "No, obviously, I'm not dead," he murmured. "I had to leave town."

"Why? You frightened everyone! We thought you had been kidnapped and murdered, then the...the massacres began...," Kalysteay said, trying to hold her frightened anger inside. Wolke gazed at her sadly, his silver eyes glistening with years of unshed tears. "Wolke, I've worried about you every day for the past thirteen years! And now, just show up here in Enfer, and expect me not to be surprised?"

"Kalysteau, I didn't mean to scare or anger you in any way," the young man replied. "I didn't return because...well...I couldn't."

"What do you mean, you couldn't return?!" Kalysteau retorted. "Did someone chain you? Enslave you?"


"Worse? What's wor...oh, dear gods, no," Kalysteau trailed off as the thought finally clicked in her brain, and Wolke nodded sadly.

"I was kidnapped by the nightwalkers, then enslaved," he explained. "They've kept me here in the castle for the past thirteen years, and I haven't been able to escape yet. All my attempts have failed."

"How did they keep you here?" Kalysteau asked, then bit her tongue as she realized how stupid her question must sound. Wolke saw the look of frustration on her face and chuckled, then spoke again.

"Oh, they have their ways," Wolke replied. He then pulled the hood of his cloak back further, exposing his neck, and Kalysteau gasped as she saw the two small puncture wounds on his throat. To her shock and disgust, the wounds looked fresh, and one issued a small trickle of blood. Kalysteau reached up and touched Wolke's neck, then brushed a finger along the bleeding wound. The blood caught onto her finger, and she gazed down at it, a tear slowly making its way down her cheek. Then, to quash the wave of emotion coming over her, she quickly wiped her hand on her leg, then gazed back up at her friend, who had concealed his neck once more. He looked back at her and gave her a small smile. "I sensed a vengeful presence here in the castle...not unusual, since Maree is a ruthless, vengeful person.."

"I know," Kalysteau mumbled irritably. Wolke laughed.

"I see you have already met her. I'm terribly sorry," the young man said. "She's mainly all scream and no threat. She'll talk, but you must remember, it's her pride talking. If you have her cornered, she'll beg for her life." A small smirk overcame Kalysteau's face.

"I know...I already gave her a taste of my anger," the girl replied. Wolke's eyes widened, and he grabbed Kalysteau's shoulders tightly.

"Kalysteau? Do you realize what you've done?!" Wolke said anxiously, his eyes wide with fright. Kalysteau glared at him.

"What do you mean? Maree angered me, so I allowed her to see just a smidgen of what my other side can do," she argued.

"So you didn't completely transform?"

"No! How naive do you think I am, Wolke?!" Wolke sighed with relief, but kept his hold on Kalysteau's shoulders.

"You cannot let them see what you are," the young man told her. "For if they discovered your powers, they would kill you without a second thought. They think that your kind..."

"I know what they think of my kind," Kalysteau retorted. She pulled out of Wolke's grasp harshly. "Thanks for making me feel alienated for the upteenth time in my life."

"I'm sorry. You know I am. I didn't mean for it to come out sounding that way," Wolke replied calmly, an apologetic glint in his eyes. Kalysteau nodded.

"Yeah. I know. So..," she said, trailing off, "what do you suppose I do here? I do have to retrieve that amulet after all. And exact my revenge on this hellish clan." Wolke looked back up at the immense painting on the wall, then sighed.

"The family didn't tell you of the amulet's strength, did they?" Wolke asked. Kalysteau shook her head.

"No. They just told me that it was extremely valuable, and they needed it back as soon as possible," the girl replied. Wolke let out another long sigh, then turned to face his dear friend.

"That amulet possesses an immense power that, if thrown into the wrong hands...could be disastrous," Wolke replied. As soon as he'd finished, however, a loud bang! resonated throughout the room, then a high pitched female scream.

"WOLKE! Where the hell are you? Get over here NOW!" Maree shrieked. Kalysteau's eyes turned deep emerald again, and Wolke sighed, then gasped as he saw his friend's eyes transform.

"Kalysteau! Be careful!" he whispered. Kalysteau shook her head, then shrugged.

"Sorry," she mumbled. Wolke nodded, then walked toward the immense black marble door once again. Before laying his hand on it, he spun to face Kalysteau once again.

"When I leave," he whispered, "I want you to dash down the left corridor. It is dark as night, but I know your night vision is better than mine. You will come up to a door with an incantation in a language I think you will know. Go through that door, and then...well, good luck," Wolke finished. Kalysteau nodded in understanding, then prepared herself for the dash out, flexing the fingers of her left hand in anticipation.

Wolke looked at his lifelong friend from out of the corner of his eye, and silently damned himself for what he was about to do to Kalysteau. I'm so sorry, he thought to himself, wishing he could project his apology to Kalysteau. But you don't understand what I'm going thorough. I just hope you'll forgive me. Then Wolke laid his hand on the door, allowing it to slide open. Wolke pulled his hood up once again and began striding to the right. Kalysteau watched as the door slid open, then jumped out and ran as fast as she could down the ebony corridor to her left.