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iPlease don't let it come tonight, please no.. please../i

The covers were warm, too warm for summer, but still I trembled underneath them, wishing for sleep to come, but dreading to close my eyes upon what might come.

iPlease, not again, not again../i

I felt the cold sweat on my forehead, trickling down my face. I tasted blood in my mouth, my lip was bleeding, I'd been biting down on it so tightly, begging..

iPlease.. leave me alone.. I can't take anymore../i

Warm tears mingled with the cold sweat, tears of fear, my heart thudded loud as a drum as I prayed for peace, prayed for safety, prayed for sanity..

iNearly over, nearly.. Please, ten more minutes, ten more../i

It was 10 to 3; it had never come before then, never.. never.. I clutched the clock in my sweaty fist, the illuminated dial told me I had 9 minutes, nine minutes then I'd be safe.. For tonight anyway.

iOh please, please don't come, please don't../i

I shuddered as the air turned freezing cold, deadly cold. Pulling the blankets over my head I hid underneath, begging for the light of day. I heard the wind shriek and a felt the icy wind penetrate through the duvet, although I had closed the window.

iOh shit.. Please no, please../i

The back of my neck began to prickle; the sensation sent shivers up and down my spine and turned my stomach to lead. Fear washed through my mind and body like a tidal wave, consuming every part of me, tearing my heart into pieces under the strain of it's heavy thudding.

iIt's here../i

Don't look. I told myself, don't look. Maybe it'll go away; maybe it's not there maybe..
But still the hairs on the back of my neck told me it was still there, watching, looking, standing.

iGo away.. Leave me alone../i

Suddenly, I couldn't feel it there anymore. Looking at the clock I saw it was 3am.

iIt's gone../i

I immerged from under the covers and froze with shock, a scream froze in my throat and I stared in terror at the apparition, standing by the foot of my bed.

iOh hell../i

Her white gown fluttered in the breeze and she stood, staring at me silently with those terrible, black all-seeing eyes. Without once taking her eyes from mine she raised her right hand and pointed towards the bookshelf. Her old, frail, withered hand. She stared at me, constantly, unforgiving while all the while I shook like a leaf, longing to run, but unable to move.

iGo away, please just go away../i

The room went cold again and she began to fade.. all that is, except those black eyes, still staring, still staring.. Even after the rest of her had gone, I still felt those eyes on me and it was a long time before I could fall asleep..

_ _

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