After The Rain

This is a story of hope, heart, love and faith. It tells of people who live in different worlds set up to meet for some odd reason. The reason could be death or just a simple party getting to know people. I hope you enjoy!

As James Cuthrow, sat down to plan a party list little did he know he would be planning a party of terror.
"Hmm, I wonder if Susan would prefer six or eight guests?" James asked himself one chilly November mornig.
"I'll so with seven just to be safe." He was planning a party for his wife who wanted to get out and see the world. The world of Riddleton, Neveada where they owned and ran their own succsessful multi-million dollar buisness. Susan was used to rich people so he thought he would invite people of all types so she would see, the world was not all a splendor. On his list he had, Rilla Blythe, a twenty-three year old lawyer with a trust fund the size of the titanic. Kerri Lynn Grant was next. She was a thirty-five year old working class mother of two. Next was John Seymoure, a fifty-some bank accountant. Kevin La Roux and his wife Chastity were next. They were both in their late twenties and had one child. Chastity was heir to a large fortune and Kevin was supported by his wife's fortune. After them was Lee Hillton and his adoptive daughter Marissa Cassidy. Lee was a single chef who had adopted Marissa two years ago. The list of guests range from localities such as New York City to Los Angelus to Angelia Falls. These people were all of course insured by Jennings, James' company.

"James, what should I do, anything else need to be ready for the party?" Susan asked two weeks later.
The invitations had been sent and everyone had R.S.V.P ed saying they could come.
"No dear just get dressed," James answered, "Dinners at eight, formal dress you know." he could hear Susan's shrill laughter after he finished as if she would think of anyhting but formal-wear! At six o'clock exactly the doorbell rang at the Riddleton Mansion.
"Good Lord!" exclaimed Kerri Lynn Grant as she was recieved at the door.
"This house is amazing!" she said pompously as she stepped inside her light blue dress trailing behind had been a three hour flight and she was exhausted!
"I'm glad you approve" said a misty voice behind her. It was John Seymoure, the accountant.
"I approve too, When is dinner?" he asked nonchalantly
"Hello, Hello. Do come in and rest until the rest arrive." said Mr. James.
"How many more can you expect?" asked Kerri.
"Oh, about five more. Cocktails are in the lounge til' dinner at eight." He said with a smile.

A clap of thunder broke the silence.
"Oh it looks horrible, I do hope the other guests do get here before the storm." said Susan icily as she slinked down the stairs in a red slinky gown.
"Wow, she really goes over-board with the dramatics.' thought Kerri to herself. Mr. Seymoure had come dressed in a tuxedo and top-hat, as if this was some 1800's ball or something. Susan heard the crunch of gravel as a car pulled up and shone light in the inky darkness of the night. Out of the car stepped Mr. and Mrs. La Roux. They had the same sour expression on their faces but were dresses elegantly. Kevin had a regular dinner suit on and Chastity had a light pink floorlength gown that easily rivaled Susan's and won.
"Oh, that's the loveliest dress ever, Mrs. La Roux!" Susan gushed then added silently, "I shall have to have it."