The draggled sky is putting up its show
As I look out the window
Seeing the droplets falling
The wind had started calling
The continuous rain
Brings back the pain
Of when you trashed me
And said I was free

I couldn't help but move
But once again prove
That I am your knight
In your everyday fight
Instead you shook your head
And immediately fled
I became like a broken crown
Who now wears a frown

This was my only fear
As I shed a single tear
I am constantly reeling
With this awful feeling
I recount the days
When we both walked our ways
Hand in hand in the park
Trailing behind us a singing lark

You were my only desire
As well as my aspire
Just like all the hues
Pondering this was good news
I had many hopes
But went down the steep slopes
Now it's very clear
That you would never be near

This was not fair
All I could do was stare
Your new impression
Gives me depression
I thought I was just delirious
To accept this was serious
Gathering all my strength to be strong
I asked you what I did wrong

Our relationship was a lie
I think I want to die
You played me like a fool
Like a modeled clay on a stool
I would if I could
But I don't know if I should
Go back in time to where it started
So it wouldn't feel like we ever parted

I will cherish all that we've shared
Even if we weren't to be paired
I don't know why
Maybe it was all too dry
Those were 'JUST THE PAST'
All that went by very fast
To my confusion
It was just an illusion

You may throw my love away
When all you did was play
Everything was tied in a chain
As it went down the drain
Until to this very day
I don't know if I should say
My heart is shouting
I'm always pouting

My heart is screaming
I won't be dreaming
All in all my heart is aching
Everything around me is shaking
I will be striving
And keep on striving
With a heart that's crushed
In a world of hushed

I am left with a mark
Longer than an arc
That's now turned dark
Never again will it spark
That's how much I'm in love
Higher than what's above
I must go on
Never again to be your pawn

Deep in my heart
I will always love you
Wherever you may be
Good-bye and take care

This poem was written on 2/17/01...The story behind how I wrote it? Well I was just sitting on the couch looking out the window...suddenly, the clouds turned dark and it started raining. I felt so gloomy and all my past came back to me. So I decided to write...but as it turned out that this poem will reflect on my future so it did. You know-kind of like a prediction...but anyway I'll get over it...bye now.