There's a pounding on the door. The force of each hammering blow makes the wood bend inward. Her heart was pounding; she knew that this time it would come all the way through. She sat with her knees drawn up to her chest and was shuddering in the corner furthest away from the thick oak door. Perhaps it would not see her. She couldn't go anywhere; she couldn't hide. She was trapped. Trapped in the very room that she had worked so hard to keep it away.

Prior to staying in the "safe" room she had made sure that the windows had been completely boarded up the air conditioning ducts were sealed. At first it had seemed that this would be the sanctuary that she had been looking for so long. But now it was acting as an imprisonment; a death trap. Very much like the thick walls of the lethal injection chambers of prisons.

"Oh why? Why here? Why now?" she asked silently from her corner. She was so scared that she couldn't move. She rocked back and forth screaming a chant of, go away, go away, go away as it slammed into the door harder and harder.

The oak door began to crack under the thunderous blows. The girl closed her eyes, as her screaming chants became a quiet whispering prayer.

"Go away, go away, go away."

Her breathe was coming out in short shuddering gasps as she continued to rock back and forth; praying for it to go away. Tears of fear trickled down her pale face and she scooted further backward into the corner as it began to pound the door with more ferocity.

The wood of the door finally buckled and snapped; sounding like brittle bones being broken. It leaped through. She let out a bloodcurdling scream.

Her scream carries through the sunlight lit room as she sits bolt upright in bed. Disoriented and confused, she looks around. She is in her own safe room. In her own safe house.

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