Part I

The Visitor

"WHERE'S MY COFFEE!?" screamed George Rainer, to his secretary Gertrude. Gertrude, who has been his secretary now going on three days, calmly walked into Mr. Rainers office, gave him the finger, smiled, and wallked out. "Damn bi..." bellowed George.

George, a building landlord who had the gift for making money, lack the ability to be human. He was described by most as a major ass. Nontheless, George had a good eye for making money. He owned thirty two buildings in the upper NYC area where he leased approximately 700 rooms. Though it is believed that he came about owning these buildings through extortion and gambling debts, it could never be proved. He was a great swindler and one of the most sucessful crooked gamblers around. Of course, if folks got wise to it, he wouldn't have lasted so long.

George stepped out of his office and got his own coffee in time to see Gertrude exiting through main doors. 'The hell with her, I don't need her. Plus, I'd save $150 bucks a week.' he thought to himself with a smirk. As he poured his coffee, he got the odd feeling that someone was staring at him. He whirled around, but to his surprise, no one was there. A cold chill ran over him as he retreated back into his office. Sitting back down he glanced at the eviction notice on his desk waiting for his signature. Smiling, he began to sign them and place them in the outgoing basket. 'Every time I kick one of these low lifes out I increase the rent by $10 bucks and get another sucker to pay. With a substantial income, which keeps getting bigger and bigger every year, I'll be retiring before my next birthday. Ha, ha, ha, yes, this is the way to live.' As George placed the pen to the paper he felt the chill once more and someone staring at him. He looked up and nearly peed in his pants when he saw the old man standing at the door. "What the hell!? Who are you? How did you get in here?"

The old man smiled and asked if he may come in. George glared at him, and thought to himself that this may be a future tenant. 'Old people have lots of money.' thought George. "Sorry, you startled me. Please, do come in and sit down." As the old man took a seat, George once again felt a cold chill. "Ya want some coffee?"

"No, no thank you." the old man responded.

"Well then what can I do for you?" asked George.

The old man shifted. "Please listen carefully, Mr. Rainer, as I am only going to say this once."

"Sure, sure, what is it?" George, now getting upset, remarked.

The old man took a deep breath and looked into Georges eye and began. "I am asking, no begging you, to please discontinue your ways. Many people have suffer by the acts you have commited and I am here to WARN you to change your ways before it's too late. Throw away the eviction notices, and lower the rents to all of your tenants, as a sign that you will change. If you do not heed my words you will pay dearly. Consider this a warning, one that is not normally given. What happen to Julie and Andrew was no ones fault and you have to stop taking it out on everyone around you. Change your ways, before it's too late."

George stared at the old man for some time. Finally, after a full minute of eyeing the old man. George got up, walked over to him and picked him up by the collar. "Who the hell do you think you are?" screamed George, as he dragged the old toward the exit door. "How dare you come into my office and feed me a line of crap. You low life, good for nothing son of a bith." George opened the door and shoved the old man out onto the floor. They both stared at one another for a short time. George slammed the door and let out a loud laugh that could be heard outside. He walked back to his office, laughing out loud. His laughter stopped abrutly as he felt another cold chill and felt the old mans eys on his back. He quickly turned around and saw the old man standing at the now opened door smiling. A second later he was gone.