Part: III

The Escape

George ran through the car toward the end of the train, carrying the fire extinguisher. When he got to the last car and started to bang the window with the extinguisher. At first it only dented the glass, but George persisted and finally the glass began to give way. Just as George, broke the glass the train began moving forward. He quickly climbed out the window and hung there for a couple of seconds before letting go and falling onto the tracks. Luckily, his train was on the last track and he was able to run down an embankment and hide behind some garbage cans. Not taking any chances, George continued to move downward as quickly as he could. He reached the street in a matter of seconds as he climb down the trestle, keeping an eye out for anyone who might have seen him. Upon reaching the street he glance both ways before he ran across the street. Laid down between two buildings in an alleyway and watched. From here he could see busloads of people being taken from the train station as empty buses continued to arrive. George, stayed hidden and watched in horror as men and women, of all walks of life, were being kicked, stripped of their clothes, dragged through the street and thrown onto buses. Every once in a while someone would get the upper hand but within seconds he or she would be pounced upon and beaten into submission. There was blood running from cuts and bruises, you could see that some had broken arms and/or legs, but it didn't seem to matter they were still pushed, pulled or shoved into the buses. As fast as one would fill up and pull out it was replaced by an empty one. Then George, almost screamed when he noticed that the assailants weren't human They had horns sticking out of their heads and their feet looked like hoofs. They looked like mythological creatures. Where the hell am I George almost uttered. At this point he was clear that he had to get out somehow. George looked behind him and saw that the alley ran all the way to the other street. The sun was starting to drop and it was becoming dark, George, didn't want to be here overnight but he dread getting caught by one of these creatures even more and so he crawled as far as the could into the alley, got up and made a run for it. As he got to the other end, he glanced back and saw that no one was following him. Fifteen minutes later, George had placed an easy mile and half between him and the train station. The streets were deserted as the night enveloped the city. George, saw a bookstore and walked over to it. He tried the door and was estatic when he found it open. Tired and scared, George, entered cautiously. Quietly, looked around, and was relieved to find the place empty. George walked behind the counter and stepped into a back room where he found a desk and chair. Returning to the front of the store, he saw that it was almost dark outside. George was startled when outside he saw someone moving from doorway to doorway. Obviously, this guy got away, too and was looking for a place to lay low. George duck down and crawled over to the door and secured it. The stranger tried the door and found it locked and continued on down the street. George, wasn't taking any chances, everyone fend for themselves. This sucker would give me away, if he had the chance, George thought to himself. Exhausted, hungry and scared George settled down behind the counter to get some rest. Several hours later, George jumped from an unrestful sleep. He peeked over the counter and saw that it was totally dark outside and that there was a reddish color coming from above the buildings. He once again crawled over to the door and looked out. Across the street he noticed a telephone booth. Oh my God, I didn't noticed it before. George reached into his pocket and found plenty of change. He unlocked the door and cautiously stepped out onto the street. He looked both ways and found the street completely deserted. He quickly, but quietly, cross the street and made his way over to the telephone booth. George, didn't expect to find it working, and was totally taken aback when he heard a dial tone. Hello, George said into the phone. "Hello", who am I speaking with? Never mind that, I don't exactly know where I but could you get me the number to the nearest cab company? Sure hold on while I look for that number, replied the Operator. Lets see I have Fire Lane Cab Service number if that is what you want. Yes, replied George, what is the number? The number is 666-6666 and I'll connect you if you wish for no extra charge. Oh thank you that would be fine. A couple of rings later, George was speaking to the cab companies dispatcher. Where exactly are you, asked the cab dispatcher? I don't exactly know, George replied. Well, what is the number of the phone you are calling from. Oh yeah, the number is 629-4317, area code 291. All right, I know exactly where that is. A cab will be there in a jiffy just don't run away, OK? Sure, sure, I'll be right here. After a couple of minutes, George realized he had left his jacket in the book store across the street. George, quickly, dash over to the bookstore, went behind the counter, and picked up his jacket. As he whirled around to return to the phone booth he was shocked to see a bus, just like those at the train station, pull up to the phone booth. George, quickly ducked down behind the counter and could see the creatures pouring out of the bus. They had whips and sticks and were looking around. All of a sudden he heard a screamed and saw the creatures running down the street. After a few seconds they reappeared dragging the stranger, he had seen earlier, onto the bus. They were beating him and kicking him and pulling his clothes off. George, crawled to the back room and stepped out through the back door and ran as fast as he could. Oh God, they were looking for me. I called them and they came looking for me. Where am I, what is going on, he almost screamed. Finally, after several minutes, George ducked into another alley and rested