The Essence of Evil Part 2 The Union of Life
Chapter 6 Confrontation


Simon stared blankly out his window, in his wing back chair. His eyes were a dead wasteland, where sleep is no longer a necessity, but rather, a luxury. A luxury deprived of the wasteland's bearer, waved infront of his crude figure, cruely swinging back and forth, beckoning him, 'Come on! Catch me! Come on!'. Simon had tried to grasp at this rare luxury 'back in the day', but had finally given up, realising it was useless. It was useless to chase something he knew he would never catch.
"Useless." He lightly mumbled to himself. He got up, to go to the bathroom, but someothing stopped him. It was attracting him. A white glow coming from the dark street. He bent himself over to the window, and peared out. The streetlamps outside were his first thought, until he realised they were yellow, not white. No cars were there, he would have heard them. It was normal...atleast on the surface. Ever since he was at Asgleigh's house, he had been seeing more Lights, and auras. He closed his eyes, and concentrated. He opened them again, and the street was lit up with millions of colors, and two that stood out the most. Two white radiant auras.
"My God, there's more of them..." Two figures were calmly walking down the street, dressed in white, like a doctor. Their faces were white, like the man in Ashleigh's house, and one carried a scalpel. But these were different from the previous. They walked down with dignity. They almost looked innocent white collar guys, apart from the fact they weren't. They walked up to Louise Vine's house, and stood on the porch. They looked at each other, and then at the house. They looked back at each other for a few seconds, and shook each other's hands, and opened Louise's front door. Louise Vine suffered from a respitory disease called emphysema. At the age of 87, she was frail, and weak.
Simon could picture it, Louise Vine, laying in her bed, helpless, as the duo came in, and stabbed her to death with a scalpel. Her screams, echoing through her house. He ran to the door, dressed in his pajamas, and opened it. He ran out, and in his haste, he tripped over a garden hose, and fell down to the brick path.
"Argh, shit!" He yelled. He used his hands, to push himself up, and got to his feet. He brushed himself off, but was immediately alerted, by a strange, blank voice.
"Hello, man. We've been waiting for you."
"Y-Y-Y-You..." He managed to say despite his terror.
"Oh, look at that, Cleusus! He's terrified. I told you."
"Hmm, yes, maybe we should just say it, and leave, instead of insisting on this pleasentaries, Ikarue." Replied one of the men.
"Alright then. Man, we've been instructed by the greater power to tell you, and the woman that you are on the right track. Good bye now." And they disappeared instantly.


"Yes, I know. They visited me too." Ashleigh said blankly. She looked stressed, dark, empty. She stared down at her cup of coffee.
"What did they say?"Simon asked with curiosity.
"Same thing they said to you."
"Oh..." Simon said, feeling a bit dissapointed that Ashleigh didn't have anything new to say.
"What happened to Louise?"
"Dead." He said blankly.
"I know, but, how?"
"But that can't be, they went in the house"
"I don't know"
Ashleigh didn't reply. She just stared down at her coffee.