I haven't posted anything in a long time, and I feel guilty...but I suffer from chronic writer's block and I just don't know what to write! ::dramatic music plays:: ;o)

Anyhow, I wrote this for my literature class. I got full credit on it, and Mr. Warren's comment was (I quote): "Man - this depressed me (and tired me out) by just reading it! RELAX!"

I figure that if something I wrote had that much effect on him, it must be semi-decent. So here it is:


Theme For Honors World Literature.

Mr. Warren said,

Go home and write
a page tonight
And let that page come out of you -
Then, it will be true.

It's not that simple.
I know the materialistic things.
15 years old, dark blonde hair, blue eyes
Tall, skinny, braces.
I am Extra-Curricular Girl,
Always a place to be
Or a place to go
Staying at school for over 12 hours a day
Twice a week.
Go home, exhausted
Do homework if I can
And go to sleep - after taking a prescribed sleeping pill
So my anxiety doesn't keep me up all night
Or the next morning I will have black circles under my eyes
And everything my teachers say will go
In one ear and out the other.
I distract myself from real life with all my activities
Stay at school, don't go home
Keep busy, so I don't have to think
Don't have to think about the monster lurking in the back of my mind
Lurking, lurking, lurking
Waiting for an opportunity to strike
For two years I've kept it back
But with every day it gets harder and harder
When will I break?
How long until
I just can't do this anymore?
How long until I just can't handle it?
I'm surprised that I've lasted this long.
My best friend lives in New Jersey
And the only way to keep myself distracted
Is to be busy.
So I stay busy.
Stay at school for over 12 hours a day
Twice a week.
And I go home, exhausted, but unable to sleep.
This is my life.