Once upon a time, many many years ago (34), and in a land far, far away (El Paso,
TX) there was a small cabin. It was in the middle of a deserted area. No one would ever
go there, and the ones who did would never get out alive.

In this cabin there lived a man named "The Master". He had a cloak with red
fingers on it, and was almost always asleep on a large stone slab, surrounded by his
beautiful wives. There also lived a creature by the name of Torgo. Torgo was the
Master's slave, and he would act as a caretaker for anyone who stopped by the lodge.

But there was something odd about Torgo. He had gigantic knees. This made it
extremely hard for him to walk with out stumbling around like a drunken elephant. As a
result, he was awkward and rather embarrassed about his appearance. One day, he
decided to find out just what was wrong with him and why he had to suffer like this.
When the Master was awake, he walked up to him.

"Master," he asked, "Why do I have such large, deformed knees?"

"That is something all Torgos have, Torgo. And one day, just maybe, you will find out..."

This didn't answer Torgo's query, but he certainly did not want to question the
Master any further. So he changed the conversation to talk about Manos, as they always

Then, two weeks later, Torgo heard a knock at the door. This was very unusual.
Guests did not normally drop by the house, especially since it was cursed by an evil deity.
He opened it and looked ahead of him. No one was there.


Suddenly, Torgo's attention was drawn to the ground. For some reason, there
was a burning paper bag on the doorstep! Quickly, he stamped it out. Then he realized
what had just happened, and what was all over his shoes. He cursed in frustration. Just
then, he heard chuckling coming from the bushes. A punk kid was laughing at him. It
was all a joke!

In his fury, Torgo began galloping towards his adversary. The kid was running
away, and all the while, he couldn't stop laughing at Torgo's knees.

"Oh man! Look at the size of 'em! Do you keep bowling balls in there or something?"

It was infuriating. The kid was just walking backwards now, making fun of Torgo
as he stumbled clumsily towards him, too slow to catch up. After about a mile of this, the
kid went up to Torgo and gave him a good, hard shove. Bleating, Torgo flipped over and
toppled onto his back like a turtle.

"Take that, you ugly freak! Ahahahaha!" the kid ran away. Torgo heard the echoes of
laughter and watched him until he was out of sight in the forest.

"D-d-damn kids!" he grumbled.

Slowly, he got to his feet. But something was missing. Looking down, he realized he had
broken his cane. Without it, he could not even rudimentarily walk. And this was issued
personally to him by the Master.

"Oh no!" Torgo moaned. "The Master will not approve of this! I must get back to the
Lodge and mend it!"

Torgo slowly shambled home, tears slowly running down his cheeks. Why was he
so deformed? Why did he have this grotesque handicap? He hated his knees. They were
unbearable for him. With them, he could never lead a normal life. The only job he could
have was from the man who had created him...the man known as the Master.

But without his walking stick, he was badly disabled. It was not long before he
trippped over a small stone and fell. With a scream, he hit his knees on the hard earth.
Torgo knelt there and cursed his luck.

"You knees...they will be the death of me!"

Suddenly, he heard them crack. Curiously, he watched his knees break open. He
pulled them up. From the inside, two minature versions of himself dropped out. They
looked up at him and smiled. Torgo looked down at them in shock.

"S-s-son?" he whispered.

"Daddy!" one of them cried. They went behind him lifted him up, and began
carrying him home. Torgo now realized what his knees had been for. They were there for
a purpose. And the Master would have to make room for two more, because now he was
a father.