Chapter Three

Chapter Three


In the guestroom, Caroline fell onto the large queen-sized bed and once again began to cry.

Its not fair!" she thought. "All I wanted to do was to know what other people thought."

Caroline took out her diary and began to write.

Dear Diary

Im back in my guestroom. I got in to trouble with mum.

I still think Kathy didnt kill herself. All the way through dinner I felt very uncomfortable. I dont know why.

Im going to find Kathys killer and avenge for he. But I dont know where to start. I know it has to be someone close to her. If it were someone else they wouldve stolen money or jewellery from Kathys house after killing her. Who could it be?

The people who couldve killed her are Steve, Betty, Michael, Mrs McCay, Kathys real father and my parents.

The main suspect is Steve. He and Kathy never get along. To me they are like cat and mouse. He couldve killed her because he just didnt like her.

It could also be Kathys real father. He could have killed her because ¡ I dont know¡ Oh I know¡ Kathy didnt choose to live with him. Instead she chose her mother.

Today at the cemetery Betty had been pretty cold-hearted when I said Kathy was murdered.

Kathys mom couldve killed Kathy because Kathy always has fights with Steve. To stop the fight Mrs McCay couldve killed Kathy. What am I thinking? A mother cant kill her own daughter. Can she?

Caroline stopped writing. This is going nowhere everyone is guilty. She put her diary back into her bag and leaned against the wall. Not long afterwards, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Caroline opened her eyes and looked at the clock. It was nearly 9pm. She got up quickly, combed her hair and headed for Katherines room. Everyone was already there. A single candle was lit up in the middle of the room.

A minute afterwards, Katherines bedside clock ticked to 9 pm.

Mrs McCay began to say, "Thank you everyone for coming. Id like to say how much I appreciate your support after Katherines de¡ departure. Now to finish of this ceremony Id like you all to spend the next few minutes remembering my daughter, Katherine Anne McCay.

After her speech Mrs McCay stepped back into the shadows.

Caroline closed her eyes. She tried thinking about Katherine but the more she thought, the sadder she became. Opening her eyes, Caroline looked around the room. Everyone else had their eyes closed, deep in thought.

Looking around the room Caroline saw the sadness in everyones face. Kathys 3 parents were sad. Betty was sad and Michael was¡ where was Michael. Caroline looked around the room again. Michael was nowhere to be found.

In disgust, Caroline thought, "he is so thoughtless. Where is he? Could he be the murderer?"

Then out loud Caroline said, "he is"

All of a sudden everyone opened their eyes.

"Who is?" Betty asked

"Caroline! That is very rude. How co-" Carolines mother began to shout

But Mrs McCay interrupted her. "Its okay, three minutes is up anyway. Again, thank you everyone for coming here tonight. You may all go back to your room now."

Caroline was first out of the door. She wanted to write in her diary what she had found out. She ran into her room and went to where her bag was. She opened the bag and started to search for her diary. She looked through it a couple of times but the diary was nowhere to be found. Looking around the room to see if she had misplaced it, she still couldnt find it.

"Im sure I put it in here" she said to herself.

After searching some more, Caroline realized it had been stolen. She felt scared. Someone was watching her. She started to cry. Not long afterwards she cried herself to sleep.

The next day, when Caroline woke up it was nearly noon. She got dressed and went downstairs. There she saw Katherines mother.

"Ooh Caroline you are awake" she said and smiled

Remembering what happened last night, Caroline said, "I need to go for a walk."

As she walked she could feel someone watching her. An angry stare burned into the back of her neck. She knew she was being ridiculous. There was no one around. She tried to shake the feeling at least half a dozen times as her heart continued to thump away in her chest. She turned around again and saw¡ nothing. She kept on walking.

Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. Caroline was about to scream when a gloved hand covered her mouth. She felt the intruders knee hit her head. This made her fall down unconscious.