The Box

The Box

I waited outside for Lavender to pick me up from my house. It was early morning. I was very nervous. I had waited for this day for a long time. Actually 2 weeks, but it felt like a lifetime.

Two weeks ago Lavender told me we could go to this house her fathers company owns during the holidays. Tomorrow was my birthday and staying at the house would be my birthday present. At first I said because I wanted to spend my birthday with my parents. It wouldnt be the same without them but they agreed to visit me on my birthday. So I finally agreed.

Unfortunately we couldnt go on our own. We had to take, Matt, Lavenders older brother. He is a pest but we had no choice.

After waiting for another 5 minutes Lavy finally arrived. Matt was driving. She got out and waved to me. She was wearing a bright, pink singlet and a demi miniskirt. I was wearing plain jeans and a t-shirt.

Lavy and I are best friends but we are complete opposites. She likes shopping and while I like school¡ including maths. Yes, maths. Thats that subject where you learn what 5 + 5 is. Nearly everyone I know hates maths but not me! Lavy has blonde hair and green eyes. Shes 5" 9 and totally stunning. Me? Well, Ive got brown hair and brown eyes. Which is very plain.

I waved back and got into the car. Off we went.


I had finally the guts to do what I had to do. I knew if she found out Id be in trouble. It took me a while to do it but I had. I had spent all night at my desk trying to think. I couldnt concentrate. What should I do? Finally it had come to me. The perfect idea. The perfect gift.


We arrived in the afternoon. This is the first time Id been to this house. It was made of double brick and painted red. Personally I wouldve chosen red but after looking at it for some time it was OK, I guess.

"Do you like it?" Lavy asked.

"Its¡ Its¡ big!" I exclaimed.

"Wait till you see the garden," Matt said.

We walked to the back. The garden was stunning. It had the whole lot. Swimming pool. Tennis court. Everything! The garden was professionally landscaped. There were marble statues of angels and the trees were perfectly trimmed. I had never seen anything more magnificent. There was a lemon tree too.

We walked inside and I was shown my room. We had dinner and then I went upstairs to unpack. Even though this house was big and magnificent. At night it was freaky. To think I was here in this house with no adult was impossible.

The next morning I had a phone call from mum. She said she was to busy and couldnt make it. Oh well. We spent the day playing tennis and swimming. I never knew Lavy was such a good swimmer.

After dinner that night I went to the bathroom to take a shower. When I went downstairs I saw Lavy and Matt. I sat down next to Lavy. They were watching a horror movie about a vampire named Dracula. It was awful. There were a lot of blood scenes. All of a sudden Lavy turned the TV off.

"Whats wrong?" I asked.

"Did you hear anything?" she said cautiously.

"No," I whispered.

I looked at mat and he just shrugged.

"What did it sound like?" I asked.

"It sounded like a rumble," Lavy said

"A rumble?"

"Yeah," she said

Suddenly Matt erupted in laughter.

"Look at you two. It was just my stomach. Im hungry!" he tried to say though his laughter.

"MATT! Dont do that! If youre hungry you should have said so! Ill go and get some food," Lavy volunteered.


I took out the paper and used a quill to write:

"In the garden, under the lemon.

Is a scary surprise, only for your eyes."

I took the paper and hid it in the kitchen. Shell find it.


A few minutes later, Lavy came back with a strange look on her face. Then she relaxed.

"Kelly! Ha-ha very funny!" She said sarcastically.

"Huh?" I was confused.

"When you said you wanted to take a shower you went somewhere else. Didnt you?" Lavy accused.

"No! I swear I went to take a shower!" I exclaimed.

Lavy looked at me suspiciously. Then she looked at Matt

"Hey, Ive been here with you all night!" he quickly replied. "Whats wrong?"