The power of the waters
Letty sat by the edge of the lake swirling her feet around to get them used to the cool temperature she slowly walked in then began to swim it was so nice to escape to the lake in the moonlight. As she swam she noticed an odd glint below the water which was strange as there wasn't much light. After a little thought Letty stuck her hand down to feel her hand suddenly clasped on something. When Letty looked at it to her delight there was a large and very beautiful diamond in her hands. Quickly she got out of the lake, took her towel and walked back up to the hotel where she was staying. At the hotel she examined the diamond more carefully it was on a chain and had an inscription 'the power of the water' written on the back.
Letty was too tired to give it any further thought that night so she put it into a drawer beside her bed turned the light off and went to sleep.

Letty woke suddenly and turned to look at her watch 4.30 am. There was a strange feeling in the air, which she couldn't put her finger on but it kept her from sleeping, so once again she took out he diamond.
'The power of water, the power of water' she mumbled.

'I am the power of water' came a voice, Letty looked up startled and before her was a beautiful woman with long flowing blonde hair, dark green eyes and a tall slim body.

'Who are you?' asked Letty
'The power of water, Oceania I rule the water fresh and salty. That diamond which you hold in your hands belongs to me it was a present from my grandfather Neptune.
'Now I must go for time is running short I must return to the waters but why don't you come with me?'
'Come with you, but I can't breathe under the water'
'Letty that doesn't matter, come with me' said Oceania
'yes' Letty replied after a little thought.

As Letty disappeared into the water of the lake she muttered goodbye to the land and everything she had known.

There was no trace of her ever again.

This is a fairly bad short peace of writing that I did to help get rid of my seemingly eternal writers block. I don't even know where I got the idea for this oh well.