Talon ship

So the Talon ships where conversing this month so they could have room for trade and the festival. But that was not the really why they where here they where here to speak of the Nova burst. The last one blew our home planet to smithereens we now migrate in all our talon ships. All but about ten got off the planet before it incinerated. They where all probably scrap any way they couldn't get off the Planets surface. Well another one was said to be coming. They would talk about if it's controlled or if it's natural. Rahsen the lutendent coming to talk about a possible treaty well we had to know of tertiary. I didn't exactly feel safe on the heavens Cross it was a medic ship not a battle cruiser. The Exterminator would help accompany us, as it is the newest battle ship. Also the Spiral was a speedy craft and also would come The Dark Horses where coming in their huge ship and would attack not negotiate. Most of the Androids on board where out of com. they possibly where being jammed heavily by only the best the Trojan destroyer. It was a huge ship resembling a Horse. It was awhile since id seen Horses or even the weird aliens who would mimic parts of your memory. Kigas where on board one was actually intelligent enough to talk and have human emotion. He slightly mimicked my father for a while when I was homesick. Now he appeared as himself a kinda Blue Cat with no mouth. His name was Piy he was a strange thing. So piy what are you up to now? Going to wreck havoc on Digi deck? I almost telepathically said. No. But really what are Boggarts? Oh you where on theater part of Digi deck? Yes but answer my question. Oh well their kinda blobs that turn into people's worst fear by reading their mind. Like me? No you turn into whatever we like the most. I never turn into a pie do I? Nah not like desire. Like a pet I had a cat on Earth. They look like you. spaced off...Can I turn into one? Sure. His outer coat flashed hen he appeared as a cat. Hey kitty. Just because I look like IM your kitty doesn't mean I am your kitty. Yeah I guess. What you want to do? Lets go to Digi deck and watch some scary movies. But IM not allowed there the don't even allow Kigas on the talon ships. Yeah t just so happens the captains Wife died so it likes you to keep it company But would the captain of a medic cruiser question the intergalactic council? Or turn into his Wife. Yeah I guess. How can I go to Digi deck? Imagine a Human Boy ok then turn into him ok. I can't do that only elder Kigas can do that. What if I imagine a boy will hat work? Yes try. _I did I imagined a boy carefully in my head I had my eyes closed so I didn't notice that Piy had changed. Lets go I said so he could now understand me in normal speech. We where at Digi deck. So young cadets coming to see a spooky movie? A rather large lady said I recognized her as Mizz trifle a teacher in the ship. Ayah I said. So 4 whoops your friend? She asked every body called me 4 because of my id tag was 4444 but no one bothered to know my name. Uh...he's. Piyter he's from the Spirlal I said searching for a lie. Uh I thought it was the informer that docked today she said suspecting me Uh that's what I mean I said not knowing the news. ÒI must be hearing things she said as she stomped off. Phew close I said to Piy. Piy and me ran into a theater trying not to be questioned again. The Movie was about Boggarts and other monsters it was called: The Boggart the Witch and the Mummy. A corny Movie Id seen on earth I rented it just to laugh at it. Man every one knows witches from crydor have pink blood not blue or green he said laughing at the thought. Yeah I mean Mummies are really dead Egyptians who are rapped in cloth I said. Then IM was very shocked I saw Piy's human face fade to reveal his green mouth less dogface. Uh Piy what happens if your shield is fading?" That would be bad especially right now yeah how do you get it back? You need to keep concentrating on the image he said you mean like hat guy the which killed cause his worst fear was really strong and the Boggart could beat the witch?" Yes similar. He said his telepathic voice coming back. Ok. I concentrated and it was immediately came back on his face. "Yeah it worked!" I yelled "4? What's happening?" Mizz Triglle asked Ò oh just one a thumb war with Piyter I said Some of our Human heritage is foolish She said as she stomped off. All passengers report to your chambers the intercom blurted. Piy and me returned to my room and he changed back. We where going into hyperspace tonight after detaching with the Informer. I laid back and played an Id with Piy. With his fast reflexes he won. I played Blaster tag which he also one he seemed to telepathically telaport my blaster to him. It was about three minutes until the jump. ÒI am confused about this Hyperspace is it space or not? He asked It both but neither I'm not a scientist don't know I responded to the Human form of Piy. I strapped in. Piy decided o stay human and strapped himself in. I noticed a mouse scurrying across the floor. Ò10 seconds until hyperspace the computer said. Piy turned into his normal self and squeezed out of the straps and chased after the mouse. Piy! I said. Knock Knock! A knock at the door. I jumped out.5 It a lady at the door. Who are YOU? I yelled due to the noise of Hyperspace generator starting up. "Where's my Mouse for my Snake?" "Uh wait!" I yelled I picked up the Mouse and Piy jumped and scratched my arm up. "HERE!" I said handing the Lady the mouse. "Who are you?" I asked, "call me snake lady" She said. I jumped into my seat and strapped in. Piy Jumped turned into human but then flew out the door by the magnetic engine. "PIY!" I yelled I jumped out after him.

CHAPTER 2: the Search for Piy

I flew through Zero gravity. I looked at my hand. It seemed that my hand was stretching the atoms exploding almost. I pushed of hoping for another ledge to rocket off of. ZAP! I was being tugged toward the engine. "PIY!" I yelled. He was gone. I was moving now at about 500 mph but the ship was huge. I zipped by the empty deserted cafeteria. I was there the huge engine the left one definitely. "PIY!" [Yes] he answered in his telepathic voice. "Lets go come-on!" [How?] Turn into something big!" I said. I imagined a huge beast and concentrated on it being nice. FLASH! He was a huge Dinosaur thing. He grabbed me and tugged me throughout the halls. As soon as I could remember off the Hyperspace fumes we where back both strapped in. Was it a dream? "What is it?" Piy asked
"nothing" I said. It was a dream. Who was Snake lady? "Have you recently chased a mouse?" I asked "No but there delicious" he said Maybe the Hyperspace fumes where getting to me but was that some kind of vision? I pushed it away. "Five minutes tell we come out of hyper space," the intercom said. I waited patiently for that time thinking back on the vision. ZMMMMM! We where coming out going to Earth I was told. "I'm going home" I said "I sense something strange..." Piy said. BLAAAMMMMM! "Emergency Emergency we are under attack!" the inter come said in a weird slowing grown it seemed the Com. was out due to that blast. "RRrrrrrail Gggggun ONNNlllline" it said fainting out. FWABOOM! I shock around. "Hull Breach!" blam! Are blast could not take the TD's fire which I thought was what we where attacked by. "Piy what should we do?" I asked. He just shook his head. SHLAMM! I felt space air filling my lungs. "Piy shut the doors" He telepathically closed the entry hatch. The suddenly my body felt tingly. "Tractor Beam" Piy said. I took out my COM link. Exterminator! informer!, Spiraler!, Omni, Tracer!, Blaseria!, Tragor! SOS mayday we are under attack By the Dark horses we have a major hull breach the Dark horses may already have come on to our ship we are in the Trojan Destroyers docking bay!" Then I thought again, would a bunch of battle cruisers and ships full of expert flyer's risk there own skins for a small medic ship. PHEWWW! The hatch was blown open. "SO this is where you're hiding!" A large buff warrior Dark horse said. Let me describe hem. : Imagine a Black horse standing up with Human hands but hooves for bottom feet. Their eyes classify them. Their leader Stratus has Red eyes the rest have Green or Blue eyes. He took out the cigarette grasped in his teeth and blew some fumes at Piy and me. Piy's skin flashed and turned into what I was thinking. A minotar. Pinning a Dark horse is hard but in your story book fairy tail minotar are unbeatable. That's how I imagined it. WUMMP! The Dark Horse was flung against the wall. PHEEW! The blast basically bounced off Piy. CLLANG! He rammed the heads off the two guards together. They fell to the ground. He turned back. I grabbed he guns I had stored in my closet. ZIING! One down. I noticed people already where un-straped and fighting back. Mainly failing. BANG BANG! A guy with two old fashioned pistols blew the head of a Dark Horse. FWWWUHHH! I felt the heat of a Dark horse Flame unit versus one of our very own Fire Bats. Piy had already changed to Dark horse off of ones memory. But I told him to try to change it a little so he wouldn't get hurt. AHHHH! A guy yelled as Dark horses brutally ripped his arm off. Another dark horse flung a guy at two other guys with guns. The fell faster than the Gravity of Jupiter. One Dark horse was slaughtering people with a sword another hammering people with a ball and chain. We where losing. "Piy stay Dark horse!" I said. I was grabbed and taken away by some guards. Deep in the Bowels of the Ship I was in a detention block a-33. Not my lucky Id tag. I was not fed I was stuck in the cold dark cell hoping for Piy to come back. Wait! He needs an Image! I focused. Dragon. ÒALL PERONEL REPORT TO THE BRIDGE REAPAIR BAY SEND A FIRE HORSE!" The intercom said. CRUUNCH! I could hear the floor of the ship being smashed. CRUNCH! The door to my cell burst open. "Piy just in time!" I said, "GET HIM!" FWWHHHHH! Two Dark horses flame broiled. [I love the smell of Dark horses in the morning!] Piy said a line from another Vid wed seen. "Piy can you make us invisible?" I asked [your thought is my command!] he said. He changed to a weird transparent guy and wrapped me in thick transparent goo. "Well not my very favorite thing" I said. We ran down the hallway and silently took the elevator up to the docking level. "This is to easy," I said as Piy turned back to his normal self. Ding! We walked out of the elevator and out at the ship through the window. 50 Resen which are look like bulls but stand like dark horses, fifty Warrior Dark Horses that is fifty per two commanders and there where five commanders, 12 fire horses fueling there flame throwers, but the biggest thing I noticed was the cages full of our crew waiting to be put out into space. Centaur. I thought Centaur he did.

Piy to the Rescue!

It was hopeless but we tried. "Wats DAT?" one Resen said in a very unintelligent way. Wham! To late the Resen was to his knees. HURH! One Resen Charged Piy. Piy simply grabbed him by the horns and flung him like a rag doll. WUMP! Piy kicked one Centaur in the face with his Knee. He fell flat. FWHHHH! Suddenly every body noticed that Piy was there. Our lucky streak would end now for good. And I thought getting caught with a Kigas was bad. Piy Centaur fur turned black and was gone completely in some parts leaving him with patches of skin. With a chain ball wrapped around his neck Piy Kicked the Commander in the crotch. One round house kick catapulted two dark horses at each other. [Free the crew] he said stumbling with gash in his leg. Chin! I opened one cage. PHEW! i jumped and narrowly missed the strike of one blaster. six down twenty more to go. I opened cage after cage. Not noticing that Piy was on his knees. Thats really all he had left. He was chased by some gaurds behind a crate out of veiw. ÒMinotaur!-Ó A dark horse yelled as he ran but it was to late he was squished against a crate. Piy tryed lifted a huge crate and shove it at some gaurds. He couldnt so he turned back to his normal self and used telapathy to fling the crate at the remaining gaurds. I ran in the ship and ran to controls. Everybody else was asleep basicly there was sleeping gas in there cages. [are you sure you know how to do this?] piy asked, Well I became a Cadet on flight and battle so why cant I?" I asked. "engines ahead full" I commanded. Two auto guns popped up. Blam! They blew to smithereanes. All power to engines" I said [what about the guns?] piy asked "uhoh!" I said. Half power to Sheilds I said just as the first fighters attacked us. "Sheilds to full while we charge up hyper space genarator!" I said. We where now out of the TD's tractor beam good right? well now they could fire at us. KASHLAMM! KASHLAMM! Well the ship was now repaired but taking heavy fire. FWABOOM! One photon torpedo hit our hull. "Sheilds now down" the computer said. Either it was taking to much fire or we where ready to blast into hyper space. ZIIING! We where gone. zing! we where back and now the TD was on our tail. ZIIING!ZIIINGZIIINGZIING!ZIINGZIIING!ZIIIN!ZIIING! The wrest of the Talon ships where here. Then in a split second a war would start, the great war...

The Great War

SHDING! Puncktured holes in the _'s hull appeared. But they wernt going to simply let them blow it up. "Piy tell them to man the controls Every body else go to fighters." I said. I climb in my fighter the 4444 once the lift took me there. "Lets rock and roll!" I said in my com. "sure thing 4" Yuricy said "come on lets get some Dark horse butT!" Shindo said. I started and dove my nose down. Then i pulled up. "Kell got a weak point?" I asked Kell the com. expert. "yeah the part of it that looks like a head hit it between the eyes!" He said. "Ok team use beak blasters" I said. ZOOM! One blast missed and hit the nose part. Now I was noticed and was in a dog fight with some sik flyers. I kept going shooting taking my shot at the head. The TD was almost invincible and was taking out alot of our talon ships. "4, yelled Kell through his Com., go for the under belly!" he said. Why? I thought. PHEEW! PHEEW!PHEEW!PHEEW!PHEEW!PHEEW! i narrowly escaped the barrage of cannon fire. "Ok" i said. I took a quick dive. One ski fighter and two Sik fighters where on my tail. 'i got um 4" Yurcy said as she blasted the crap out of one Sik fighter. i remembered her from the academy for the precision in her shots, But now was not a time to take a walk down memory lane. "Help!" Shindo screamed as i saw his ship crash into the Trojan Destroyer. "NOOOOO!" Yuricy said as she blew five Sik fighters from the sky. oh sure, i thought, Leave me with the Ski fighter. Well Ski fighters are a pointed pod attached to two hydrafoils that look like Ski's where Sik fighters are a long cylinder pod that that make there energy off spining. I came up under the belly to find a small gap. the trash crusher part. it dumped there trash but burned what they could to make power. Another of our ideas the stole. With the small wings of the Talon fighter it would be hard naviigating.I banked up and went strait toward the hole. CRUNCH! Oh i had to fly in right when they where dumping the trash. I dogged one. The Ski fighter stayed on my tail I could possibly destroy it. I burned some turbo and rocketed toward a piece of trash. "Talons up" I commanded Talons used to grab stuff went into the hatch. In the coridoor there was about 15 meters seperating the trash from the ceiling. I flew right over it. As the pilot of the fighter followed he missed one major detail, his skis where to big to fit. KABOOOM! he blew to bits. I followed and the trash place separated to form the way torards the engine chameber. "4 theres two possibly three...Yuricy stopped talking.. uh possibly 19" She finished. I kept going. ZOOM! i shot two fether missles at the Sik fighters once they came into view. "uh unfortunatly thats the last of the Sik fighters" She said "what you mean fortunate?" i asked "no the wrest are Ski fighters" she said. "hello is anyone there?" a voice asked 'yeah" i answered "Im kado from the Informer ive come to help" Kado said "How are the Talon ships doig?" I asked "bad..i was the only one that escaped the Informer" he said with sorrow in his voice. "well that wont happen any more well stop them once and for all" Yuricy said. "mines" kell said. "huh?" I asked. Im digitaly equipting you with mines ok use them, Ski fighters tend to stay together in packs knock out one Ski with one of these babys and they may take out another" Kell said. I noticed that my mines where equiped. PHEEW! i was hit in the tail with a blast. i pushed the button and relesed one mine. I looked back and saw it home onto a ski. BOOM! it blew up and one Ski fighter crashed into another. "good plan Kell" I said. "4 well take care of these creeps you and kell fly to hit the Power genarator. They branched off and me and Kell hit turbo and flew forward toward the Genarator." ok 4 three shots toward the shiny blue cryststal. ZOOM! i shot four fether missles toward it. KABOOM! "lets get outta here!" i yelled we quickly left back the way we came. "Uh 4, kell said once we left the ship, the ships fine it was a fake plan to get us to go in there" he said. What we didnt know was that that exploshion was only a warning for a much bigger boom.

"The Nova burst!" i said. KKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The last thing i remember was the Talon ships droping one by one. And Kell and the other falling toward some distant world. And the Shadow of the Tronjan Destroyer still looming over us all.

Snake Lady

SHHHHHH! CAW! SHHHHHH! CAW! SHHHHH! CAW! SHHH! CAW SHHHH! CAW! "uhhh.." i stamered as I came to. I looked around. A perfect beach. "Youve been out for a long time now you should get up" A firmiliar voice said. "who are you?" I asked eyeing her once my vision came back. "Oh just call me snake lady" she said. CUHH! i yelled coughing up blood. "youve been doing that quite alot now" she said."I know you you came to get the mouse for your snake" i said wiping my lip free of blood. "Yes i do have a snake but Ive never met you before" she responded. "Ever been on a talon ship?" i asked. "Talon ship?" she asked "yeah it looks like a bird but its made of metal and its huge and it flys in space" i confirmed "oh...I knew it your mentaly ill you poor man come to my house and get some rest" she said as I limped toward her house near the beach. i somehow recognized it, I had lived on earth for about five year not enough to remember much but still I recogized this primitive house. "where did you find me?" i asked her as she cooked up some stew. "you washed up on shore" She said, what do you remember?" she asked. " well Me and Kell and Yuricy and Kado where trying to destroy the Trojan destroyer when a nova burst and me and the rest of them in our Talon fighters which are space ships crashed here" i said. "oh only Nasa has space ships and they dont look like birds or horses" she said. Nasa i remembered them when i was five they launched a space ship into space it blew to smithereens. Where was Piy?" he would know what to do. "here this mighnt be interesting" she said as she turned on a veiwing screen similar to a was an informative news show. "More sighting of UFO's spotted over beaches have crashed into the water experts say a seach may be done but that its probly a phony" the TV said. "what planet are we on?" i asked her."Earth of coarse" she said. "Then the braciatoids havent come and took us into space to there home planet.." i started "no! enough with the space talk!" She yelled as she walked outon her "porch" and put some cat food out. "you have a cat?" I asked "no,but a certin blue looking cat has been coming here a day before I found you" She said. "Piy...' I wispered to my self. "its getting late so go to bed" she said. I layed on her couch staying awake waiting for PIy. [4 is that you?] A voice called. "Piy where are you?" I asked. A snkae slithered around my leg another was coiled in the corner. " so get that form from Snake Lady?" I asked, but now for serious stuff wheres my suit and why am I wearing such strange clothing?" i asked [so nobody would notice you] he answered. [Ok your stuff is next to a tree that over hangs the water go follow me to get them] he said then changed back to his normal self. i ran down the sandy beach and climbed across a tree to find my suit. i stuck it on then waited for Piys instructions.[About fifty feet down youll find your ship] he said. "So Piy any of our ships do any major damage?" [na just the tracer crashed into some white house thing no big deal] he said. I dove into the Water. [keep going] Piy said. Even in my suit the water was frigid at this time of the night. I was losing air but i kept pushing. [ok now turn 45 degrees left and dive eight meters and your there] Piy said. I flet deprived of air I felt weak. I saw my fighter in veiw. But I almost couldnt dive that deep. i let out some air then moved my arms with all my might. I grabbed the hatch and pulled, it wouldnt budge. my lungs burned. I maneged to pull it open. I climed in and shut the hatch and drained the water. I was out of breath. "ok Piy I got it lets go" I said through my Com. I went to the serface and Piy jumped in. Before we went back under water I left Snake Lady A note. my fighter also served as a submarine. "piy it seemes that other objects are following us" I said. It seemed these creatures where called Sharks. They had long slender bodys with a pointed head and rows of razor Sharp teeth. Banng! they rammed my fighter.[4 it seems these creatures have a sense of that sends out electro magnetic currents which dwell inside living creatrures! it thinks where an animal!] Piy said"fource feild on" I said and it seemed they rather not get hurt. The Ocean was magnificiant it had all types off life living in it. "piy i found something a crashed vessel on the bottom of the sea in a under water canyon" i reported looking through a veiwing screen. I dove down past a school of fish and right below me about a fathom or two away was A talon ship. [4 it seems I was able to have a propeler instead of turbo and burns so use it okay?] Piy said. I dove and the prop turned and jetted us toward the Ship. This code should open docking hatch bay. I typed 4444. The door opened. I shut it with the same pass code. I hoped out of the fighter and took the lift to passenger deck. Most of the ship was flooded and earth creatures where ocuping the many floors. I went to cafeteria deck,but what i found was horrible. It seemed that the Gas tank had ruptured leaving as distinct hole in the hull. Plus people where strewn every where some with only one of a limb other with to many. It wasnt natural. It was obvious that the Dark Horses had not made a strong enough replica of a Nova Burst. See they had filled the missing spaces of atoms with nucleur radiation. I walked over to the body of what had to be . "4" she broaned through her torn flesh. "yeah" i asked. "Your name i never got to know it" She said, I never will" "No you will" i said "its uh..Brian" I said. "nice Nam..." she started but closed her eyes and died. [4 watch out!] Piy yelled with urgentsey in his voice. I turned and felt a warm hand I mean three hands grip my flesh. A pair of knarly claws rip the Mutant off me. I ran out of the Cafeteria deck and shut the door behind me and Piy."the control room Piy" I said. We ran up the emergency stairs and found the bridge usually full of people training full of mutants. I grabbed a laser rifle out of a dead mans hands. ZIIING! One Mutant fell. I put it on semi-automatic. ZIINGZIINGZIINGZIING! They Mutants droped like flys. "piy grab ones head!" I said. He did and we safly slid into the Control room. [so what are you going to do with this head?] he asked. "well theres a direct lift from here to the science room and it always has power but the science classroom is always full unless...yes it has to be the VIP section of the science room we go there from here and voala we find whats happining with these mutants" i said. We took the lift down. [ah I saw this before when i turned into the science professor its a metabolical scanner!] Piy said. " I ripped open the head and placed the brain on the scanner. "contains metabolical supplements citric acid and other unknown suplements" the comp. said. Well then what was driving these mutants?[4 it seems that this brain is pumping!] Piy said. "so then what does that mean?" i asked. [name three vital organs that pump] he quized. "lungs heart and Kidney" I said remebering earth lessons. [so say this head is its main source of body pumping then we take out the head and thats it] he said."so we go and blast them head first!" i yelled grabing my rifle. [that would be illogical!, piy said like a scinetest, we must check this brain for any diseases] he finished. [it seems it has emphisatia to the lungs and cancer to the heart and kidney stones a normal disease for space travelers] Piy echoed. "i see we shoot a hi pitched sound and the kidney might rupture or the lung might over pump exploding!" I said motioning a bomb going off with my arms. "okay piy this is a little something i learned on earth!" i said pushing to .'s together. "EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" like a bomb exploding in my ears the fuzz noise seemed to work just juding by the splattering sound of copses smashing into walls. We took the lift back to the control room and maned the controls. "the heavens cross flys again!" i screamed then we seemed to take off draining water and patching up holes but i never could forget the Snake Lady and all shed tought me...

I love rock and roll...

Through my Com I could hear Music. it was loud but I remembered liking it so long ago. The song played: I love Rock and Roll! I could imagen those words. All i remembered when I first got on the Heavens cross was that i felt out of place in a ship named something about god. I was and still am a tottal athiest. All the things I discovered theat I never told a soul. The captin on the ship was and had been a space pirate. He had killed ten of his own crew. The heavens cross had held prisoners. once a rouge bounty Hunter was captured. I having no use on the ship was forced to feed the prisoners. He taught me fighting skills. I had even lead him out of the ship one night. All he left me was a type of weird sphere. I had never met either of my parents. The Braciatoids where the closest thing to "parents" I had. They had came to earth and took every single human they could find. The Braciatoid home world Dren-dock was perfect. We came out of hyper space and marveled at its own buety. But in every perfect sci-fi vid there has to be a evil force even if there conquest makes no sense at all. They where jealos. There home world was a grazing land in which they had killed all feeding life. They where Jealos of the Braciatoids planet. So the Dark horses attacked in there Trojan destroyer. We, the humans where given ships the core desigh that would bring the down fall of the Dark Horses. Even if that acomplishment was impossible. The Brachiatoids where crazy. There own code there standards would bring to there own down fall. They where peace full almost too peace full. They looked strange but buitiful in a way. They looked like a very tall Buff person, what you would call "hair" on them was very sliped off vines. Their sides was a almost robe like flap of skin. They had two arms and two moveable spikes up from their heads that where like spike antennas. They had a small mouth with a few rows ow teeth. They had very normal human like legs. And two tails with a head on each similar to a crocidile. In open combat the Brachiatoids could have prolbly taken two even three Dark Horses. The Dark horses had not had much proper nutrition and where feble and weak. The Dark horses came down to Dren-Dock and attacked like wolfs not only killing but eating the brachiatoids. Us the humans used the ships the core talon ships to kill of all the dark horses in our way. They for some reason where scared by these ships. We didnt kill off many of them they just retreated. like we where dressed up like monsters but we knew we didnt have all that great power but they knew the creature we where imitating was strong. Then during our celebration something unexpected happened. A nova burst death. All of our ships left earth tried to fight and use these unknown weapons. Krin a very strong Brachiatoid housed me and two other humans. He gave me Piy and promised all he had loved that he would return from the battle. He never did. [4 the Trojan destroyer is in orbit around earths moon!] Piy said glancing at the moniter. "go it!" I said. I sped up to mach5 a very high speed for such a vessel I wondered why it could go faster than any others. I fired two concusion missles at the main bow of the TD. it broke through the side. It then noticed us. It fired on us hard. Its main psyonic cannon blew past us with a force that knocked us strait toward the moon.[4 the moon dust is shorting out our engines!] Piy yelled. He was right our front engine was blacking out. Then I had an Idea. "Piy pull up and try not to lose any of the moon dust from our engine shaft!" I said, "close cleaning disposal shaft and speed up to mach9 toward the TD! Bring up the damage status all power to engines and sheilds!" I said. "Piy get us on a Com. With stratus!" i said. "wHy HeLlO! nIcE tO aCtUaLlY sEe My TaRgEt BeFoRe ThEy DiE!" stratus said in a evil voice. [4 we lost 2/3 of our sheilds!] Piy said. "aH i FeEl YoUr SaDnEsS yOuNg OnE! i WiLl LeT yOu KnOw i HaD tHe HoNoR oF kIlLiNg KrIn MySeLf! MWAHHAHA!" He chuckled. "aNd NoW i WiLl HaVe tHe PlEsSuRe Of KiLlInG yOu!" He said. "Piy fire up the engines to mach 11!" I said. "computer open up weapon data base" I commanded "needs back-up code" It said "uhh no good piy I learned that the X-termenator has firgured out its main weapon but you know the MAx squad they always hide stuff from there talon bretheren we need to open up the main engine and weapons lock sence I dont have the code make an anouncement to all survivors on the ship tell them to come here and help me" I said [To all the heir of the Heavens Cross grow true from your hiding in a time of urgency you help your main bretheren come forth and help us beat the Dark horses once and for all!] Piy said "nice announcement shakespear" I muttered. The door opened and came in a man long since dead or lost somewhere in space. Optic. He was very buff he still had the cyborg eye patch and still had his same shadowy appearnce. What was he doing on the heavens Cross? Who knew but now wasnt a time for questions if he was helping then thats all i needed to know. Along with him was a man wearing a dark cloak a man seeming more beast than man he had a certin tiger like eye. Who knows maybe a zoa-morpher. Then was a short lady with metal hair. Then I saw that some had liked the nova burst. A man with three arms. one sticking out of his chest. Well a team a weird one but a team none the less." Piy youre gonna have to duplicate"I said. I imagened two Piys both the same as the other. "Ok team Piy #2 will stay and control the ship we need to un-lock a certin weapon engine mass controler well be heading to the bowels of the ship and well need tp have heavy cover fire while some of us go and open the lock and see what we can unload on the Dark Horses" I said [4 the TD just launched several energy bursts this may mean soldigers lots of soldigers] he said. This was very bad. But we headed on the future of the universe was in my hands.

Rouge members

Walking on being led by Optic he was very quiet. But searching on how to ask hima question was not my focus. We had to find that genarator and figure out how to onlock it without a code. We walked to the lift and we went down to the first floor of the ship well the only floors the crew can visit are the first and second the top is a veiwing deck and observation deck. We walked through the elevator door. Then from around the hallway came a few figures. Two Dark horses and one cloaked creature. Cqueww! A blast sizled in Beasty guys chest. GRAWWLL! Beasty guy jumped and flew through the air and made his genes rearange he became a weird Tiger beast. Metal hair flung the hair at them making gashes in there knees. Optic shot some laser out of his one laser patch eye. One of their arms stopped and just fell off. Tri arms held up a Dark Horse with his center arm and began punching him out, He let go and Beasty jumped and began to devour the DH. The cloaked creature had dissipeared but so had the one in our group. "Hey wheres the shadowy guy?" I asked. "Jrinn is never questioned never even for his rash ways" Optic mumbled. Jrinn? Sounded like Krin. But it was probly just a cowincidence. "There must be a passage to the belly of the ship" He growled after he changed back. Optic led us into a side room five yards from the elevator shaft. "here" he said. Beasty threw the table over in the side of the room and Optic felt around and motioned Silver hair to wrap her hair around the holes and open the trap door. I went first. I fell hard on my feet but I found a very large metal room but the outer walls looked ancient because of the stones they where made of. I moved my head forward telling Optic to go first. Tri arms hulked while he walked. I grabbed piy and carried him. Then Tri arms came walking down the ramp and triped me. I tried to balance but fell against the wall it turned around and turned back and was sent down a number of shutes. "OOF!" I fell in some sand on my butt. "where are we Piy?" I asked. [A tomb of some sort not taken out in the building of this. I got up and looked around at the outer walls. Hyroglyphs Brachiatoid Hyroglyphs. "Piy what Is this?" I asked. [I think I can read it] He said he cleared his uh.. throat and read [the final days of appocalypse has come the Dark Horses wrath is unstoppable, we are unable to bring enough troops for self defense and we cannot win unless we violate the Taldarian code. Stratus has come to talk with the High council. He is not here to negotiate he is here to kill destroy eradicate. Stratus yes.. Stratus the Red eyed he too has a weakness. He has one. 2020-five okic cycles- We have sent our main warrior Krin to destroy the first troops in a frontal assault. He has failed. Now as the Dark horses continue to slauter us we have placed many of our secrets along with all our DNA in the blood stream of the Kigas. The Humans are here. We have abducted them from there home world. They are being put in the middle of this war. They have no Moral code they can help us win. Stratus yes he is afraid they will be a strong front in our war weapons. They have been given weapons. The most powerful weapons. Talon ships. Our ancient Ancestors the Hawx have long since died out but they where the main downfall of the Dark Horses. The Talon ships these humans have are impossible to defeat. They are shaped like the very Hawx. The gods the very thing that Stratus is afraid of. Each ship has a main weapon being just giving these to the Earthlings they have a passcode which has not passcode it wasn't programed with one so nobody can acess it without using the back up coil genarator. It is deep inside the ship the main weapon to defeat the dark horses. Let the Hawx Brachiatoids and Humans alike live. It finished. Piy and all the other Kigas dead or alive where all capeble of permenatly becoming a Brachiatoid. A tough choice but it was his to make. [Wow me and all my brothers are Brachiatoids, we are the missing link the missing link] he said "what about these Hawx they seem all powerfull and peacefull if they passed on there genes to the evolved Brachiatoid then you are also one of them" I said [true hard to do but true] He said. He turned into a human Piyter and we climbed up the shute. The seeming less endless shute was a trap I thought maybe below was something else something to be discovered. Piy pressed on the wall and we where back to the main place. We ran down the ramp after our team mates. We ran passed giant Space tug sized computers and genorators the size of huge cruise ships. The inscription was telling us of this place. This place was definatly the place. We came to the end of the tunnels and looked out past some metal ledges to see our team walking away. We ran Piy turned into a winged horse and I rode on his back and we flew down to the next tunnel our team was walking down. Piy made an all out run and soon enough we cought up to them. "Yes Brian I know your there" Optic said with his back to me. "Yes but we found the Brachiatoids Tomb and we have figured it out we need to find a coil gena..." I started "Kid you don't think we know that?" Optic asked. I shook my head. "Jrinn will lead us he knows this place better than anybody" Optic said. Suddenly Jrinn appeared and stared at me with his yellow gleeming eyes I could see them clearly through his hooded cloak I couldn't see his face. "Yuss oPPTC" He mumbled. I looked all around aside from computers and genarators I could swear we where being watched. The end of the tunnel. There in front of all of us was 5 coil genarators 4 where like square posts then one was in the middle. Oil dripped from the machines there where eight computer consles. The the Oil dripped and a figure came bubbling up.


It shaped its entire body out of oil. With a very fish/crocidile oil shape. "get down!" Beasty growled. He jumped transformed and jumped at the Oily blob he went right through it and hit his head hard on the metal floor Transforming back to Human. Tri arms leaped and grabbed at the blob. It turned into a puddle reformed around his feet and jumped on him causing a seris of burns. Metal hair couldn't seem to grapple the blob she was swallowed whole. Optic jumped up and burned holes in the blobs side. It howled a very painful howl. They patched up and optic was tossed around. "Rise the sacred rise the new dept bone & sinew!" Jrinn said and stuck his arms out. Five skeletons jumped out of the ground at the blob but where reduced to ash. This Jrinn was a sorcerer. The blob turned on Jrinn. "clash of lightning clash of thunder rain to shine and shine to rain" Jrinn chanted. Lightning and thunder streaked down then came the rain poured a storm. The Blob howled again melting into nothing. Jrinn colapsed to the floor. Optic drew the hood came off his head to reveal a Brachiatoid.

"Jrinn He was on our pirating ship before the entire nova burst happened he was a bounty hunter and had a fortune of riches stashed on a far different plantet then Dren-Dock" He said. "So the heavens cross merging with earth wanted you to go back right?" I asked. "Yes Kid we disguised as our selfs before we became Pirates" Optic said. [Yes Optic Ray Palmer the gambler patched eye fellow umm howd he get that? From a hydorogen burst when he was repairing a ship] Piy said "yes young Kigas you are very observant!" Optic said "But when Dren-Dock was destroyed why didn't you show us that Brachiatoids lived on?" I asked "He has been wanted for many crimes killed many people never expected the Dark Horses after what the Hawx did to them practicly whiped them out of the intire existants" Beasty said. "The Dark Horses where crap on the Hawx shoe" Jrinn said getting back up. "You kigas you are our species last hope" he said [we cant the Brachiatoids are a magnificant race but I cant save them not me alone] He said " The Dark horses the coil engine you must save this ship it is the key to piecing together the universe!" He said "Jrinn do you know who Krin is?" I asked "know him cough!, Jrinn said spitting out large amounts of blood "he is my brother he became a warrior I became a sorcerer a wizard" He said [then reincarnate him wise guy] Piy said [oh and don't strike me a fellow Brachiatoid just for being suspicios] piy said. "Just cause you have some of there blood dosent mean you're a full brachiatoid" I said [well that's where you have it wrong Brian] Piy said [re-DNAter off] Piy said. He reformed changed body shifted and grew all the Brachiatoid parts cma eout he grew up to the normal Brachiatoid size.

Playing god

"piy whats happening?" I asked "what is little Brian afraid that his only friend will kill him?" Piy asked "Krin?" Jrinn asked. "Oh so my little brother still mourning in my death the little runt the little one who was taking things?" Krin asked "you have no right to call me a runt" Jrinn said. Krin lifted a very musculer arm and threw Jrinn at one electrical Coil generator. "Now do I?" Krin asked. "Krin why do this and how can you be Piy? you gave Piy to me!" "clever of me eh? Getting another Kigas then when you least suspected it killing it and putting me the other Kigas in the whole Snake lady illusion your mother infact" He said. "yes well did you know that the Hawx gave there DNA on to us and only some still live with the most power full genes not even knowing it" he said "now the Hawx live on!" He said. He transformed shifter turning into a god almost. A hawx. He looked like an angel. But was a very tall standing up bird with two arms with Talons at the end and wings on his back. "You may be strong but you have a weakness" I said "no Brian Gods have no weakness and you a little human do" He belowed down to me. He was a little taller than a pro basket ball player 6 foot 7 probably. He glanced his very peercing stare down at me. "No little one Piy will not come back does it hurt you? Are you scared will these fools be enough of a chalenge for me let alone them protecting you?" He asked his voice filled the area. "I know it as a human your playing god" I said "am I?, he asked "Your just as much Hawx as any Kigas is Brachiatoid" I said "an incompleate DNA strand your cloning even reserecting the Hawx that passed on its genes your just representing that inside you" I said "no that's where your wrong" He said. Then he stuck his large palm at me and lightning came from no where and hit his hand. Generating enough force to kill us all. "A Hawx lives on?" A voice said I turned to see Stratus and an army of Dark Horses. PHEWW! They shot at Krin he jumped flew and dived picked up a Dark horse and threw him at the other DH's they fell like dominoes. He was killing them even with out are help. Now we started slaging them all. Beasty ripped open a Dark horse and devoured it. Metal Hair made plenty of them trip because of the gashes in there legs she also used her hair to grab people and fling them high into the air. Optic roasted them and Tri arms was picking them up and hitting them but they couldn't strike back. I ran up and blasted them too. But Jrinn wasn't there and we needed him. ZWINNG! Krin charged his thunder on his hand and blew thousands of Dark Horses away. "Go after the Army Im taking stratus!" He said. Stratus ran past the coil generators threw another door Krin chased close by. The army wasn't well aquiped but had more in numbers we where out numbered 100 to 1. We fought hard just as hard as we had but they came forth and they wernt going after Krin there focus was on us. "go back!" Optic yelled we ran. [4 it seems my matter has shifted and that my other self is not a Kigas] Piy suddenly told me I couldn't respond my com was out but I did think this: Very strong. My own imagenation came forth and gave him a picture not mine but it was still picture perfect. A blue flame appeared and Ingulfed the intire room. The Dark horses where confused. A wolf standing up was lit in blue flame it was the focus it was the center. It was the focus.


He stood there. Stratus the red eyed. Even as evil I had been he was the one he killed me. I didn't die. No I was not that lucky. Whats worse than death? You ask. Life after death. Stuck as a Kigas a weak putred form. That was the way to escape the outer world. If the Nova burst had taken out the entire planet how did I get off it? Use the main ship the one that holds the key to the universe. The Heavens Cross. It held the artifact the Hawx sphere. It was the only link to become a Hawx. I came and hide with the human that was with me. How did the little runt make it this far? Well the passage was near the 1-floor 665 room #. There I went down and found the tomb. But the Hawx sphere was gone. All was there was the Hyrogliphs that told me all I needed to know. The Brachiatoids my race has our ancestors the Hawx DNA in our blood stream. We can change shape and become this glorious form. But the Dark Horses are now stronger now better. But being a Hawx was being a god. Imortal invincible untouchable. I was in the Hawx prime I was death on legs. "so Krin not dead well I will finish the Job. "no you wont" I said. "well clever that all Brachiatoids are Hawx but wait let me hear this out" he said "If Kigas are all Brachiatoids and Brachiatoids are Hawx then arent Kigas Hawx?" He asked "yes" I said "so if a certin Kigas on board comes to help then they can turn hawx right?" "Yes" I said. "well then we fight see if the Hawx were really gods" he pressed. He whiped out his sword I made a sword out of thin air. CHING! Metal hit metal sword hit sword. SHWING! He sliced at me but all he got was air I already zoomed around him and tossed him up in mid air. He dived back down at me pushed his sword below his body and stabbed at me. To late I already sliced his arm. He yelled out. I stabbed him again in the torso. He fell. I had won. He clutched his side blood spewed out. He stuck his head up. "but krin ever have you heard of a Peges?" He asked.


I could swear we had lost. But I don't swear. Piy was some kind of blue fire engulfed Wolf. FWUHHH! Fire spurted at a Dark Horse. "every one get to those controls get it to work!" I yelled. "EAHHH!" A dark horse exploded in flame and lay dead on the ground. I gave Piy cover fire. The Dark horses ran. Back to the main room I could still see them plus Piy had quadrupilized and they guarded the ship. "piy you have a choice to turn to Brachiatoid" I said. [yes it is a choice I need to make] He said he consentrated and turned into a full strong Brachiatoid. "the Hawx live on the Brachiatoids are Hawx become a Hawx to save Krin we need the Hawx to live on" I said He did what I said he changed once again to a Hawx. "hey kid the we need one more person" Optic said. I ran up and maned the controls. "Ok we need to fource the engine to start up" Optic said "no one of us needs to unlock the main weaponary" I said "yes but it can only be unlocked when these engines are on" Beasty said. "engines are on line" Met/hair said. "Im getting the weaponary" I said "we will take the main frame" Tri arms said "dang they got a system lock" I said "wait ill re-right the incriptions" I said.
Bingo were on-line the engines and weapons are up" I said "we must fire on the Trojan destroyer" Optic said. I ran over and pulled Jrinn out of the coil generator. "You must change to Hawx to save your people" I said. "yes.." He said. He transformed not so glamourosly to a Hawx. "AHH! It burns!" He said. "yes it may hurt for some but it will end" Piy said. Jrinn got up and edged closer to the battle place of Krin and Stratus. "Piy come with us we need you to fight the army" I said. He nodded. And on we were off to meet our victory.


I walked closer to the door. FWOM! It flew open and I flew back. My Hawx body was very musculer but this force knocked me way back. Out stepped Stratus he had changed. He had wings big white angel wings but they where black black as coal. He had fangs large fangs. He stepped out and didn't notice me I hid in front of a metal computer. I looked past him. It was Krin he was bruised and battered. He might have tried to kill me but he was my brother and I had to help him. I flew quietly past Stratus and helped Krin up. "brother I am sorry Stratus he is a Pegus a dark pegus our ansestors the Hawx had a treaty with the normal pegus it seems the Dark pegus are a mutation but they evolved and conquered the normal pegus" He said. "get the Kigas to duplicate then turn Hawx let the Hawx and Brachiatoids live o" He stopped fell down dead. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled. He was gone to a better place. The Dark Pegus where about to meet there downfall.


We felt out numbered. We were. Piy well one Piy was a Hawx the rest were normal Piy. "Hear me out all Dark Horses!" a voice called out. "I Stratus will lead us but now we must return to our ancestors the Dark pegus!" Stratus yelled. The changed hearing the ancient cry they where stronger they could fly. We where out numbered by flying muscle men er horses. SWOOSH! Jrinn came flying down. "Piy get your other piys to clone and duplicate and duplicate and make more Hawx!" Jrinn said. Piy did just that. Hawx came pouring down the elevator and stair ways. It was a fight a fight it was. One Hawx came and used his talons to throw DPS into the walls. But they wernt any kind of weaklings the DP's shot flame spurts out of there mouth and venom oozed from there cuts causing you to almost die even if you killed them. FWUUH! A flame spurt hit the ground next to me. I dived doged it and felt the warm pavment. Stratus directed his troops he flew like a horse from hell. He spotted me chased after me. I jumped and went looking for the box that Krin had. He jumped out at me from a corner. I ran flat out and spotted the shiny metal DNA thingy. I pressed it near me. I let go but it stayed near the center of my chest. It glowed it suddenly jurked into my chest. I fell back screaming. Hey whats the problem with screaming THIS THINGS GOING INTO MY CHEST! My torso seemed to be transparent and I could see the thing wrap around my heart. It somehow told me to choose what to be. I pictured a Brachiatoid. Then my entire body turned transparent. The metal ball wrapped around my every organ reshaping them to different shapes and sizes. Then my outer skin melted oozed in and out. And reformed. I looked at my hand. Hard brachiatoid skin was forming on my skin growing up my body. I fell forward. I got up in time to see Stratus. I stabbed at him with one head spike. He got ready to spit flame. I ran 200 pounds of muscular Brachiatoid body ran. I jumped and grabbed a huge metal pole. It would be impossible for any human to carry. I wasn't a human. I swung it around and around then let it fly. It took out a few DP. Stratus came after me fresh on my trail. I could run and jump at enourmous rates but He could fly. I jumped from a ledge of metal down upon the battle below. Concentrate. It happened. I was a Hawx. I was god.


I was a bit ratled. Krin had faked being me and then we split and I came back. What did make sense I was not sure. I was susposed to be full Brachiatoid and I could remember being one vaugly. But now I was a Hawx. I was too strong. It over powered me. Now as I fought with fellow me we all joined in. The DP were very strong. But the Hawx were good and good is a will power its self. With that in mind I tried out some of my flying skill. I dove rose back up. Dove grabed a DP and ripped from there head to tail a huge gash with my claws. I dived and grabbed another out of mid air it bit me hard it clenched its fangs on my wing my wing healed very fast but it hurt. I took the wings off three but they grew back. Hawx tons of Hawx and if a told them to even more Hawx. I killed 20 by now. But it wasn't enough. My little brothers id made were killing more I had to also do my part. I charged up thunder on my hand. I shot. Plenty where down. I glared down at a few fighting the group. My vision was like sun light through a magnifing glass it burnt them on impact. A normal Brachiatoid could turn invisible. But that was an evolution Hawx didn't have that. "Hey Piy check out my sweet wings!" 4 yelled I turned and saw 4 but he was a Hawx! "I used Krins morpher" he said. "Great we need more fire power it seems where losing" He said "not if I can help it!" He yelled. He dove faster than a speeding bullet. He will never learn I thought and dove after him.


I am a Brachiatoid. It hit me like an arrow. But now having the Hawx body I felt strong I felt like finishing all this dieing here. I dove Piy came after me. My wing had a sharp point at the end. I dove cut up and sliced a DP through the Torso. I came down on another fast break and ripped anothers heart out with my beak. Landed on the ground and started pulling off major moves on them all. I kicked my talon ripped ones head off. Wasn't very head strong I thought. I ran jumped dove and streached my claws swung hard killed three in one blow. Piy and the others where fighting madly too. We where winning. Jrinn peeled off an started to take on Stratus. I watched cautiously. They fought hard. Jrinn ripped a row of Stratus teeth out. Stratus cut a slit in Jrinn chest. Jrinn could win. I was killing hundreds maybe thousands. These things where unexperienced with there forms. I had watched Krin fight I knew his style. Jrinn knocked Stratus down on the ground with a round house kick to the jaw. Jrinn dived he picked Stratus up with one claw. "SEE!" he yelled out the battle suddenly stopped "your leaders dead! He's gone the war is over the Dark Horses or the Dark Pegus are gone fight all you want but my brether Piy here can get as many reinfourcements as he wants unlimited you have a certin amount!" He yelled. "I am Rashen" a Dark Horse said stepping up. " feel that you have surrendered to take our leader will not take anything" He said. "Will It? I asked I jumped clawed the back of his head he turned drenched in blood I pulled off another couple of blows he was dead. "NOW STRATUS IS DEAD BRACHIATOIDS ARE THE TRUTH YOU ARE GONE!" Jrinn yelled mad from his brother dieing. A few DP started attacking us so we started again. Jrinn rose high. Stratus, I though you had your victory now have you defeat.


I grabbed him cutting into his neck. This was going to end right here right now. I Flew out over the battle. "A cooling fan a brutal way to die eh Stratus?" I asked "youll never kill me you don't have the nerve" he said "oh but that's were your wrong Stratus the red eyed" I said "good bye!" I said AI threw him faster than any space ship could fly. I waved my hand at him. "NOOOOOOOOOOO-AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the sound of metal on flesh. I had avenged my brether. I was a full warrior. I flew back. The reched fight had left few surviving. We had won. KASHLAMM! The whole ship shook. We had beaten there army. But there ship was still there. "We have the main weapon up we go up there we got it there gone" Brian said. KASHLAM! Anther shot to the sheilds. "you go ahead I need to get my fallen brether he at least deserves a burial seremony" I said Brain Nodded. He was a human but he was part Brachiatoid he had all this in him. They ran forth I grabbed Krin body and flew back to the control room. The war was here. The time was now. The place was set. The target was chosen.


I was at the controls we were taking heavy fire from the TD. There leader was gone they had been informed. I ran to the controls and grabbed the joy stick. I dived down. The TD wasn't very agile but was fast with a back up engine too. The charged at us. I pulled up and charged back. "bring up the main weapon Piy" I said. I fired upon him the wrath of our screen mesh detonator. The screen popped up and showed the spaces between me and the TD in a sort of bit square grid I locked the cordinence to 9-00-335 and marked types and unleashed the deadliest weapon ever to be conceived. The Heavens weapon. It fired time stopped almost in slow mo. It fired in a fast chain reaction. A blue screen flew between me and the TD. It was clear then it turned solid. It opened up and fired. A mass of missiles fired and hit the TD. It broke it showed its metal shape. The missles then went in dissipeared and the ship blew inside out. We somehow turned back to normal speed of time "PIY OUT OF HERE FULL!" I said. We went into hyper space. We came out. We saw Dren-Dock and we marveled at its beauty.