A/N: Okay, I'm totally obsessed with rain, cause it is so great. So this was written during a thunderstorm.

When It Rains 6/1/01

The rumbling thunder shakes my body
While my soul remains still
As the rain taps its rhythm at my feet

The flash of light blinds me with the brilliance
Of something that is greater than us all
But simpler still than we can fathom

I inhale the scents that overwhelm me
It's almost more than I can stand
But it's everything I need somehow
Just to be here, right now feeling this way

I feel as though I might burst
Not from anguish broken down
Though instead from catching just a glimpse
Of something that is true:
Too pure to be tainted
Or stripped of its never abating

I see myself
In the reflection of the light
Cast to illuminate the water
Collected on the ground
The rain mirrors my emotions
As it pounds to the earth flooding the streets
While feelings overflow from me

And just as we accept that the rain
Falls from the clouds to quench the thirsty world
So too do these emotions, abundant as the rain
Have their origins and purpose to me
But it doesn't matter about the why or when
For all we need to know is the how
And never mind the rest
We feel because we feel and that is all that counts

So close your eyes
And look inside
As the rain drops softly outside
It reminds us there's a reason for the day
If we listen to our feelings

Just as we hear the thunder clap
After we see the lightning's spark
So we know it was not merely
A figment of our imagination
And what we saw is how we feel
Which is all that matters today
For we will never be the same again
Though maybe it's better that way
And the rains will come and go
But our emotions will always stay
So just think of the rain
And feel the emotions rise within you
When you know to disregard
The questions that have no answers
Nor do they need any
And it's then you've found yourself
While standing in the rain
Feeling Love pour down
Soaking you, through and through