Words, so many of them
various meanings
various variations
can you sense all the meanings
can you understand all words?
Maybe you can
I - definitely - can't.

Words, you have to listen carefully
Because only the speaker knows
what this special word
in this special situation means
Pay attention
or you'll hurt someone

Words, they are so difficult
Human race reached the knowledge of language
But language isn't perfect
it can fail, too
Like humans

Such a mightful power
Words can destroy
Words can hurt
And Words can cause depressions
But Words can also help
Words can encourage
Words can show love

Language isn't perfect
Like everything of human hand.
But exactly this unperfectness
makes life interesting
makes it worth to articulate
your feelings
your thoughts
even when there's the danger of misunderstanding

Words are everything and yet nothing.

by Kaeera

Another weird idea I got during school...