All My Thanks to You (7/17/01)
by: Kiora

Friends would always crowd around
In a circle we would sit
And talk about the boys we liked
Or those who lacked their wit

We'd smile and laugh and joke
And sometimes they would say,
"Why don't you go and talk to him?
You'll probably do okay."

And sometimes I would stand
And promise that I'd try
But I never had the courage
Like a bird afraid to fly

So silently, I'd sit
Watching all of my friends dance
Wishing to myself
That I had seized that chance

Sitting in the darkness
I sighed and closed my eyes
When someone passed me, whispering,
"Don't give up 'til you try."

So I stood and faced the light
And I know I won't forget
That though he didn't dance with me
I've nothing to regret

Sometimes when I feel down
I still hear that stranger speak
And when those words soak in
I don't feel as weak

So these days I still stand tall
Cause there's so much left to do
And to that stranger, to my friend
All my thanks to you