When morning comes

The dewy ground
Her footsteps smother
To save the sleeping
Badger bother

Billow gowned'
And silken trailed'
Yet those dainty feet
Have mountains scaled

Headless of her
Sodden hem
She drops to her knees
And greets them again

In such a parting
Was never wrought such sorrow
Nor such a greeting
Rejoiced on the morrow

As tiny feet
And flickering wings
Dance there together
As the night owl sings

Across the gardens
O're the fens
In mischief they creep
And steel eggs from the hens

Not a feather stirs
None wake from sleep
As round the barnyard
They quietly creep

Then off to the mountains
The wind in their hair
Whilst dancing and twirling
They've made a den there

The liquid moons waning
Its time to depart
The assortment troop homeward
Rising sun - sinking heart

But they know on the morrow
They'll be dancing again
Up through the highlands
Down through the fen

The frozen dawns braking
As they near their lair
Minds musing on mischief
They can create there

The suns fully up
The nights fully gone
Weary travelers are greeted
By a cheery thrush song

By day they sit languid
In sun snow or rain
Biding their time
Till they can fly once again

They sit on green stalks
They all look the same
We walk by unknowing
They're flowers by name

Their pose is serine
They stair up at the sky
A bee lights on a petal
They watch it fly by

The mischievous rose
Gives her petal a flick
The bee tumbles upwards
And lights on a stick

The flowers start swaying
As mirth fill them all
The bee fly's away
Not heeding their call

The light now is dimming
And darkness is nigh
A few more hours waiting
And then they can fly

Their thoughts turn to brooding
As they wait on the hour
And schemes begin forming
In every rock tree and flower

At last the night falls
The waiting is done
Now transformation
Is truly begun

A head will appear
Them arms a red dress
Poppy's all finished
She waits for the rest

A stone starts to move
And then starts to kneel
A craggy faced dwarf
Is now what's reveled

A tiny young daisy
Starts to shiver and shake
Just as moonlight gathers
Round a lily on the lake

Star light beams down
To the branch of a tree
An acorns young mother
Weaves wings for all three

At last they are finished
The last shape is formed
The last wing is woven
The last mother has warned

The science is pressing
The sound is all gone
All listen intently
But muffled footsteps don't come

Precious time's flying by
But still they all wait
But their dancing companion
Doesn't come thro the gate

The gong is now sounding
The witching hour starts
All pirouette skyward
Revenge in their hearts

On word ever upwards
They fly and they run
They've a mission to complete
Before the rising of the sun

No laughing now
Neither song nor dance
This is it now
This is their last chance

Battle lines are drawn
The weapons prepared
A short distance only
To where he enemy's laired

Their purpose is set
Their minds hard as steel
Flower curse will be broken
Their wounds can then heal

Then by day as by night
Themselves they will be
If the curse this night be broken
At last they'll be free

The valiant worrier
Princess sleeps
Inside a castle dungeon

Her rescue they attempt tonight
If their curse be broken
Its now
Before the light

A battle plan formed
Each warier to their post
Their frightened eyes focuses
Each watching the cost

From o'r the wave
And through the glen
Came riding 4 score
Hundred men

Their swards are drawn
Their helmets shine
Their steeds are flecked
With sweat and brine

On words came the worriers
On words cried they
No cried the attackers
Our curse bids us stay

With 1 aim in sight
Its fixed in their mind
This night to be free
Of the curse of their kind

The attackers minds set
A rescue they sought
Ee'n though in their blood
It be dearly bought

But near triumphant
Conquered they
But now came
The brake of another new day

One by one
They each froze
Still helpless in
Their flower pose

But yet the leader of the foe
Let go his sawed he laid it down
Kneeling then he spoke just thus
As he removed his golden crown

And now the fighting
Here must end
A just cause only
I'll defend

With clinking locks
And opened gates
The captured princess
Viewed her estate

Free at last
Their fight was won
She knew that
With the setting son

When night then came
The golden crown
Was picked up
Retreaved from the ground

And as the worrier princess
Set it on her head
The fallen stood
No longer dead

The curse was lifted
All rejoiced
And many thanks and praise
Were voiced

When finally
The morrow came
Nothing changed
All was the same

The curse was broken
The princess freed
And all went home
Their life's to lead

The war was over
And piece began
All retired together
A weary gang

And they know on the morrow
They'll be dancing again
Up through the highlands
Down through the fen!

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