Struggling With Myself

Where do you draw a line between good and bad?
Am I suppossed to do the right thing
Even when my heart says no?
If I'm supposed to love you
Then why don't I feel like I used to?
I feel so obligated to you.
When I walk the road, which course should I take?
If I fall off of the bridge, on which side will I fall?
Just when I thought I'd found something in my life
I've turned around and headed back down
Why do I feel so mislead?
There's something about me that I just don't understand
Do you expect me to always be there?
Will I always have to do what you want?
Am I suppossed to tell you I love you...
Even If I'm not sure my heart still works?
If I fall off of the line, one knee on each side
Why does it seem the blood only comes from the "good" side?
Is it supposed to hurt me to do the right thing?
I know I'm doing the wrong thing
But for me it hurts so much less
How was I suppossed to know that this would happen?
I'm a sinner, I know
I lied, I know
And it seems life's spinning out of hand
I don't know where to go for advice
I don't know what to do
But I know that while I'm stuggling with myself
I no longer want to be with you...
I'm so sorry